Why the Title

I fear this will eventually come up, so while I’m in an explaining mood…

The title “Living the Goth Life” came from a sort of delayed frustration with how a lot of goth blogs tend to repeat each other. Make up looks that were tired and true, outfits perfected down the the buckles on the shoes and overtly goth related things. This isn’t bad, but it became the only thing, the template for future blogs. There are few, very few, goth blogs that actually talk about everything else related to the individual’s own or general goth experience. With this being the least common of blogs, is it any wonder why it seems to be so superficial now?

This blog, for the most part, is personal. Not every single post will be decorated with bats or where to get the best eyeliner (though I will try). But the goth culture is one of the biggest influences on who I am and what I like (second only to purple and Wonderland). I use everything at my disposal to develop myself, which means branching out of the goth bubble every now and then.

My main concern is for people looking to get into the culture thinking there is some aesthetic criteria that must be met and validated by peers. There’s a lot more freedom here than you think. Actually, there’s a lot more in general. I want to show you that first and then everything else second. As much as goth has been a culture born from music (which is amazing how often that happens when you think about it [no sarcasm]) I have always seen it as another path to your truest self. The goal is to find you, and whether your stay is brief or to the grave, clad in lightest white¬†or the darkest black, I do hope you find something useful from the experience.


One thought on “Why the Title

  1. Follow the dreamer

    I couldn’t agree more with you.

    I have struggled to find a Goth blog that is not full of the ‘usual’ I like discovering other things and using ones creativity to an advantage.

    You’ve got a great blog going on here.

    Stop by mine and let me know what you think. Would love an opinion from a fellow alternative!

    Alternative Mistress

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