The Strange Collective

Nothing is more significant to the goth and alternative culture than community. Here is the list of exceptionally talented people that make Living the Strange Life a life worth living:

*If you believe someone is missing from the list, send an email to with a convincing argument for their place.

**(Links are underlined and bold and will take you to Spotify, YouTube, Bandcamp, Etsy, the artist’s website, etc.)


Glitch Witch “Hex Your Playlist”(Weekly playlist)

Femme Fatality “Darkwave synthpop with a murderous motif”

DJ Andi80s  See Clubs and Events below for locations

Black Magic Beach Party “Retro/ Horror Surf Rock”

Exit Module “Indie Rock Experimental”

Dream Club “California Rock”

DJ Meikee Magnetic  See Clubs and Events below for locations

Arden and the Wolves “Indie Pop Rock”

Beck Black “Bluesy Punk Rock n Roll experience”

Kaitlyn Gold “LA pop/country/rock”

Love, Ecstasy and Terror “Genre: Dark, Every relationship I’ve ever had has been a combination of Love, Ecstasy and Terror.”


Cemetery Confessions Listener Review: “A modern podcast that harkens back to the Decadent Salons of the Victorian era. Intelligent and humorous; more than simply another podcast focusing on only one aspect of the scene, Cemetery Confessions offers a banquet of all things goth, from interesting issues and topics to music and fashion.””

Horror Addicts “people who are physiologically or psychologically dependent on items depicting macabre events.”

Goth Cast “a podcast centered on the gothic subculture”

Mass Media Records “a Modern dark music label founded in the early 90s as a vehicle for the burgeoning peace punk movement”

Gothropology “An anthropology-centric show with a goth twist.”

The Dark Light “Mikhail Büer as he recounts his life story; a supernatural tale of blood, lust and love lost accompanied by a variety of gothic industrial, ebm and synth pop.”


Violet Phoenix Deisgns “Clothing and Accessories”

Wasteful “Clothing”

Mother of London “Conceptual bespoke and ready to wear fashion”

Majesty Black “Haute Couture Accessories”

Black Box Subcriptions “Monthly Subcription Service for the Alternative, the Witchy, and the Goth”

Scarlettes Gems “Taxidermy, Bone and Alternative Jewelry, Decorations and Accessories”

Unif “Clothing”

Hilary’s Vanity “Fashion for the more sophisticated freak”

Dead Regal “Latex Fashion Designer and Jackal of All Trades”

Le Beauty Exorcist  “dark..goth..rocker…steampunk….geekery”

Rain’s Wonderland “Gothic and Alternative Accessories”


Dorian Dawes “Fiction: Horror, Harbinger Island

Elyse Cizek “Poet, Nudity

Andi Harriman “Non-fiction, Some Wear Leather, Some Wear Lace”


Amy Nekrotique (YouTube)

Angela Benedict (YouTube)

Arden Leigh (Blog)

Ashley Manta (Blog)

Victor Moregore (YouTube)

Gothic Batgirl (YouTube)

Just Keep Brains (Blog)

The Lich Wife (Blog)

BlackJack Bones (YouTube)


Bar Sinister (Hollywood) Every Saturday

Room Service 360 (Beverly Hills)  Every Thursday

Malediction Society (LA) Every Friday

Hazy Chaos (LA)  Every Other Month

Warlock  (LA)  Every Tuesday

MODE:M (LA)  Every Saturday

Bootie SF (SF…duh)  Every Saturday

Death Guild (SF) Every Monday

Turbo Drive (SF)  Once a Month

Club Bodice (Oakland)  Once a Month on Sunday

Synthicide (NY)  Once a Month on Thursday

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