The 666

The 666 blog posts for the goth blogger. (Oh what fresh hell have I brought upon myself…)

1. Introduce yourself. How did you get into goth? What do you want out of your experience here? Do you like cake?

2.How are your ideas of goth being challenged or strengthened as goth as risen in popularity?

3.Pick 5 things that define you as a person. Try to be specific, so Goth doesn’t work, but Victorian Goth could. Why these things? Are they things you see changing in the future? What’s one thing you wish you could put on this list?

4. What is a YouTube channel you’d like to watch or be a part of? Bonus points if you actually make it and link it. 

5.What is one goth place, that is not a club, near you? What makes it goth? For small town goths, let’s count cemeteries. Otherwise that would be cruel.

6. What is a social and/or emotional concept you’ve struggled with and how can others learn from your experience? Conforming for the sake of surviving? How to trust people with two faces? Why bacon is so delicious?

7. How would like to find your partner in crime? Or how did you meet your darling of night?

8.Can you mix anything with goth? Should it even be considered goth? 

9. How do we solve the race issue in the goth culture and, for bonus points, find one non white goth and talk about them.

10.What’s your take on the relationship between goth and exclusivity? Is there a cool kids club and what are the standards? Does it enrich or hinder the culture?

11. What are the worst types of people you can meet as they masquerade in goth culture? What is your less than favorite experience and how did you deal with it? How do you deal with informing the types you listed that their behavior is less than pleasing?

12. What is your biggest weakness? What is your biggest strength? How can you turn that weakness into your best feature?

13. What is normal to you? Do you think about being different often? Do you say anything that might be in the way of realizing your full gothy potential?

14.  What is Nu Goth and are you part of it? How is it affecting goth culture? What is the next incarnation you think we’ll see?

15. Is there a line between emulation and creative theft and where is it? Is it impossible to original in goth culture? What things (traits, styles, ideas) have you “borrowed”?

16. Evil gets a good name in goth, but does it ever go too far? Are there any pop culture goth protagonists you admire? Do you have a dark side and how do you show it off?

17. If there was no fear of repercussion, what is one thing you would borrow from another culture? Do you think there is a correct or incorrect way to be inspired by other cultures?  Can goth experience cultural appropriation?

18. What was your first experience with goth culture? What is the most embarrassing thing a baby bat can do? What is one piece of advice you’d give to a baby bat or someone is curious about goth? 

19. Where is the best place to meet and chat with other goths? What is your biggest turn off when talking to someone new or from a different type of goth? What is one thing you would like to improve about socializing with other people? Whether that has to do with yourself or the scene…that’s up to you.

20. Is community necessary to goth culture and do you have to participate in it to be an actual goth (producing, sharing, consuming media)? Is there a responsibility to older goths to look out for younger ones, the experienced for the inexperienced? Does the beauty of goth lie more in the individual expression or the shared experiences of the group?

21. Who is the most prominent goth you know/respect? Is there a hierarchy to goth in general and in your local scene? Who is someone who doesn’t get a lot of recognition but you think deserves some?

22. What are your top 5 things someone must do to be goth? Top 5 things goths never do?

Books and Music: (I’m leaving this generic at the moment, and will do more specific reading/listening questions in the actual post versions.)

(23- 61) The Reading List-click here

The Music List- click here

How is this influential to goth culture? Is there anything you can use from it to enhance your goth expression/lifestyle? Are there any symbols or phrases that stand out to you and why? Does it rank high or low on the list of things every goth should know about?

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