Damned If You Goth, Damned If You Don’t

The other day I asked someone if they were a goth kid and they said no. Out of curiosity, because it’s me, duh, I asked

Your Goth and Non Goth Identity: Can You Have Both?

The hardest thing about being a human being is finding the balance between ducking prejudice and fully realizing yourself. Thi

High-End Goth Revival: Could the Trend Kill the Culture?

A few days ago, my friend went to Barney’s in Beverly Hills and spotted this delightful number. Clock the price tag. Cue

Goth Culture: That Is The Question

With every passing day I become more immersed in our collective of strange and spooky, and everyday I have more questions than

Campy Goth, It’s a Thing

Like oh my god.  I saw Attyck’s posts both on The Belfry and on Reddit and recently I got the opportunity to talk a

Living the Strange Life

What is the Strange Life? A lot of fucking work is what it is. Lol. All right, real answer? We’ll start with how it used

´╗┐Prelude to Music Feature

It’s time to lay my shame out for the world to see…  I don’t know a lot about goth music. Get out the c

Goth at 40, A Response

The shadows of our culture can seem to be foreboding and the guide standing nearby with open arms very trustworthy. But someti

40 Years of Goth

Oh boy, oh boy, this little video has divided up the online scene in so many way…let me get my coffee. *dives into a swi

The Mantra of “I Am Not Normal”

For the last three days, I have been holed up in my apartment trying to write this amazing piece about the relationship betwee