´╗┐Prelude to Music Feature

It’s time to lay my shame out for the world to see…  I don’t know a lot about goth music. Get out the c

Protected: Goth and Depression:

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Goth at 40, A Response

The shadows of our culture can seem to be foreboding and the guide standing nearby with open arms very trustworthy. But someti

The World is a Scary Place

I don’t think you need the play by play of the madness that has happened since I was last here. My head hurts just to th

40 Years of Goth

Oh boy, oh boy, this little video has divided up the online scene in so many way…let me get my coffee. *dives into a swi

WTF is Nu Goth and Why We Love to Hate it

Nu Goth the latest in Goth fashion that has questioning the sanctity of our home. But something tells me it deserves a closer

The Goth Illiterate and Who’s to Blame for the Fall of Goth

I hope you’ve had your coffee, because it’s time we had a chat. It’s baby bats, Zakkarrii, that entire gener

Dolls Kill and the Story of the Racist Hoodie

Once upon a time, there was a not so little company, named Dolls Kill, who decided to carry the hoodie of a Spanish designer,

The Mantra of “I Am Not Normal”

For the last three days, I have been holed up in my apartment trying to write this amazing piece about the relationship betwee

Performance Magick Workshop

It’s almost 2pm on Thursday in Los Angeles, and my curiosity has gotten the better part of me once again as I search for