How to Process the Awful People of History

Ever since I was a baby bat and learned that H.P. Lovecraft was a terrible racist, I have never been able to read his books. W

Damned If You Goth, Damned If You Don’t

The other day I asked someone if they were a goth kid and they said no. Out of curiosity, because it’s me, duh, I asked

Fighting the Good Fight and Redemption

So, I guess I’m in the mood to not make any friends today…so if you’re going to leap down my throat at least

Your Goth and Non Goth Identity: Can You Have Both?

The hardest thing about being a human being is finding the balance between ducking prejudice and fully realizing yourself. Thi

Sculpt: The Experience

I don’t know if it’s silly to write a review (of sorts) about Sculpt by Loris Greaud. I think it’s more

The Darkest Goth on What is Goth: The Read of the Year

There’s this article for The Darkest Goth, written by “a professed liar and transparent truth teller”, Veron

Pastel Goth: Now Kat Von D Approved

So if you don’t follow Kat Von D, one the most prominent makeup brands that doesn’t treat alternative people like

High-End Goth Revival: Could the Trend Kill the Culture?

A few days ago, my friend went to Barney’s in Beverly Hills and spotted this delightful number. Clock the price tag. Cue

One Young Person in the Face of Fear

I try to clean the apartment, you know…to find a sense of normal. Emotionally, I am exhausted of carefully learning to n

Goth Culture: That Is The Question

With every passing day I become more immersed in our collective of strange and spooky, and everyday I have more questions than