Get Your Goth On

Damned If You Goth, Damned If You Don’t

The other day I asked someone if they were a goth kid and they said no. Out of curiosity, because it’s me, duh, I asked

Your Goth and Non Goth Identity: Can You Have Both?

The hardest thing about being a human being is finding the balance between ducking prejudice and fully realizing yourself. Thi

40 Years of Goth

Oh boy, oh boy, this little video has divided up the online scene in so many way…let me get my coffee. *dives into a swi

The Goth Illiterate and Who’s to Blame for the Fall of Goth

I hope you’ve had your coffee, because it’s time we had a chat. It’s baby bats, Zakkarrii, that entire gener

Are the Pillars of Goth Meant to Be Challenged?

Pretty straightforward topic if you’re following along the 666, but a relevant question that is almost never asked dire

Welcome to the 666

See, I wasn’t really sure I wanted to include “My Goth Identity” in the title, but fuck it, let’s rock

Paper Mag and the Goth Witch of Lies

This darling article gets goth so wrong, that I actually had to write about it the second I saw it. We are going to go throu

The Ultimate (Disaster of a) Goth Guide

There is a pdf version of this book available here about several aspects of the goth culture and i’m slightly….not

Am I Still Goth?

Such a heavy question to open with after such a long break in posting, but my life has changed entirely from what I planned, s

How to Build a Perfect Wardrobe

So far on my travels, the question I get the most is “How do you have so many cute clothes?” Well, it’s not