Cloak and Dagger

It’s impossible for me to write about C&D (Cloak and Dagger) objectively, it’s an incredibly personal thing to

Your Future is Bright: Tips for Finding Your Five Year Plan

I’ve recently become obsessed with planners. They are a combination of organization, scrapbooking, and journaling. The p

High-End Goth Revival: Could the Trend Kill the Culture?

A few days ago, my friend went to Barney’s in Beverly Hills and spotted this delightful number. Clock the price tag. Cue

One Young Person in the Face of Fear

I try to clean the apartment, you know…to find a sense of normal. Emotionally, I am exhausted of carefully learning to n

Living the Strange Life

What is the Strange Life? A lot of fucking work is what it is. Lol. All right, real answer? We’ll start with how it used

Performance Magick Workshop

It’s almost 2pm on Thursday in Los Angeles, and my curiosity has gotten the better part of me once again as I search for

Club Bodice Takes Back the Night!

My goth brother, The Count of Cemetery Confessions, and I were reading this article published by the SF Chronicle featuring a

Lost Angels: Miss Havisham’s Revenge Ball

It’s Sunday night in downtown Los Angeles, and where we’re going, nobody knows… immediately. That’s be

Alex Mar and the Witches of America

A couple days ago, I picked up Alex Mar’s book¬†Witches of America,¬†and I knew it was going to piss me off, just not in

How To Be Loved

You're not the only one with a torn heart on their sleeve, but just hold still, I know how to stitch it up.