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Being Invisible is a Blessing

Or rather, feeling invisible was a blessing. One of my five year projects is to write 4,000 words a day. Right now, most of th

Dear Sibling and My Sibling’s Frustration

I was stuck in traffic today. I normally have late nights and early mornings so standstill traffic isn’t a thing I deal

Side A: The Rules of Existing

I could walk you through this…in an audible way… Rule 1: You must make sense. It was a warm night in March in Los

It’s Okay if No One Loves You

The only holiday I can’t deal with by myself is Valentine’s Day. The day before, I’m fine. The day after, I&

Fighting the Good Fight and Redemption

So, I guess I’m in the mood to not make any friends today…so if you’re going to leap down my throat at least

Alex Mar Goes to Pantheacon

Chapter Four ticks me off a lot so this post is going to have a slightly different format than the other posts. We’re go

The Art of Moving

Just a quick check in, so you don’t think I’m dead. Recently, like beginning of this year, I moved to Southern Cal

Back to Wonderland

I suppose my little vacation from blogging must come to an end. I was away for loads of reasons, but emotionally, I was broken

Fall in Love with Me (Set 2)

Back in February, I started doing the questions from “To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This”. The original study is linked

On Using Tarot Cards

How do I even start? I have always been fascinated with the endless associations people make to symbols and imagery. They are