Sculpt: The Experience

I don’t know if it’s silly to write a review (of sorts) about Sculpt by Loris Greaud. I think it’s more for my future self to remember. Links are underlined.

I tend to avoid films. I’m not very good at sitting still for any length of time just watching a screen, and in this case with Sculpt, I’m even more restless when it’s supposedly watching me. When something has your undivided attention, it tends to affect you.

Did you not appreciate the opportunity given to you by Cloak and Dagger? 

Cloak and Dagger is how I got to see it, L.A.’s most exclusive goth club that opened to the public for one night only to show the film. Seems fitting, don’t you think? Mmm, I feel like that’s asking me if I liked the film, which I don’t think is the correct question? Did I get something from it? Yes. Do I like what I got? I like what the opportunity brought out in other people and it made me feel closer to some. I liked being in that room with those people and while I was aware of them, it still very much felt like I was watching it alone, how it was first shown at LACMA. Between you and me, I don’t think my pleasure is very important in this experience.

It demands intimacy. Is that correct? The way the voices sounded? In my own world of preferences, it’s the sort of thing I would like to watch on a cell phone, in a restaurant (I usually eat by myself) with headphones. There are conditions to this viewing. I can’t scroll through it, but I can close the screen anytime I like (I won’t), and the link is setup in such a way where once I open it, that’s the one time the link will work. The waitress, who I was having a lovely chat with earlier, will look very different as she startles me with the check. The narrator’s voice will play over her “sorry, no rush”and I’ll have trouble bringing myself to look again at the world of red and black, but I still hear the voice. I’ll reluctantly watch, let it finish out, pay, leave. Step back into a world of color and then…I don’t know.  I’ll stand on the sidewalk, look around and feel everything and nothing, tangled and bruised or is it weightless, even though nothing has really changed in the last hour.

Oh, wait… That’s an existential crisis. 

*soft laugh*

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Who should it see it? Will I like it? 

Everyone. Maybe the sell is in its exclusivity, “only so many people have seen or have it”, but it doesn’t even need that to get my attention.  I’ll ask the question. Do you want an experience or do you just want to see a film? Yeah, I gave you a choice. Some people will watch it and think themselves so clever for seeing it, for getting it. They’ll correct your experience and color it before you have it (it could only have been done in red and black). You’ll ruin it yourself with your own insecurities (all of mine came to the surface, in public, with an anxiety attack).

And maybe that’s why I like it. It left me sore and emotionally fatigued, not from itself but from what comes of it. There is very little in life that you will experience and walk away from unchanged and it doesn’t have to be as focused as Sculpt.

Do you get off on your own anxiety?

Nope, focus. Keyword here: experience. I didn’t know it was going to cause me anxiety. I did know it was going to be anything but a film.

You can choose to actively see through the lens of your anxiety (your desires, your expectations, your misconceptions) or you can ask it why you’re both looking at the same thing and it’s reacting like that. I wanted to leave five minutes in, (*gasp*) but asked why and, I suppose, was rewarded for it.

But that’s why I think everyone should see it, if you are so generously given the opportunity. After all, there’s a lot to take in, and this is but one perspective. There is another perspective that came up in my search for links about Sculpt (I’m only seeing it now). Scathing might be an understatement, but it doesn’t matter. I can probably summarize that review in a phrase “porn for the pretentious”. But let’s be fair, can’t that be anything?  Your experiences are only as valuable as you make them, the proof is whether you feel something or don’t, do something with it or don’t, talk about it…you get the picture.

It seems anyone who writes about the film does so from a far away place (I saw it, you didn’t). I’d rather follow the film (you’ll see what I show, and you’ll show what you see). For more information on Sculpt and possibly when and where to see, visit their website and their Instagram.

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Until next time,

Don’t be hungry for life. Be ravenous.

Zakkarrii Edison Daniels

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