The Darkest Goth on What is Goth: The Read of the Year

There’s this article for The Darkest Goth, written by “a professed liar and transparent truth teller”, Veronika Gypsy about their view of goth culture and what a read…Links are underlined.

As always, this is a critique of the piece they wrote, and not about them as a person. So…

The Privilege of an Outsider

As it were? I don’t see how this is a privilege and I wish they had defined it. Perspective might have been a better word, any actual definition of their background would have held my interest. I have no time frame for your experience with goth culture or any reference to how you went about your journey.

“I believe I have come to a theory…” have you or haven’t you? I know most of us write how we talk, but when you’re writing you can just say “I have a theory.” and then, just because it’s going to bother me, your introduction. “More on that later.” The point of the introduction is so people know what you’re talking about later…

Geez, Zakkarrii, ease up? 

Here’s why I’m going to play teacher. “As all theories are just ideas until they’re proven to be laws, I could be wrong on these notions. If you feel like I am, share your own thoughts and theories in the comments below!”

Am I the only one who sees the setup? The writer just said they have a theory about how their experiences could help the current members of the goth community. So, do they not have confidence in their theory, are they playing us with a “gotcha all riled up so lecture me about the thing I’m interested so I don’t have to do any actual work”, or are they being sarcastic because they have so much faith in their experiences?

Definitions are fun!

Rapid fire time:

1.What is Culture? The comparison to culture to water tables, and “Culture is simply the larger percentage of those people to that country, while the counter-culture is the remaining percentage of people.” Not really? Culture is a fluid thing, of course, but people participate in various cultures in varying degrees.  I’m concerned they approached with a stark black and white definition, using elements from the definition of society.

For various definitions for culture click here, and for the difference between society and culture click here.

2. What is Counter-Culture? “You could say the counter-culture is defined by a broad exclusion of certain beliefs. (ie we as the minority believe that different goals should be embraced than the majority believes)”They got this one right, it’s opposition to the dominant culture. But exclusion can’t be the right word, can it?

2.5 Put a dollar in a jar for every time they use the phrase “You could say”.

3. What is a Subculture? I’ll just leave this here. “Subcultures are where we see communities things that they want their community to explore, rather than distinguishing themselves by what they are not. (ie We of this subculture agree that our subculture is defined by people who enjoy three moderately narrow things.)”

Click here for the difference…you get the picture.

4. What is a Scene? I personally don’t care much for the word “scene” because everytime I’ve heard it used what they really mean is I don’t like this specific thing that some clubs happen to do (i.e. theme nights, bondage, the atmosphere, whatever). But they won’t say that, they’ll say “I don’t like the club scene in Hollywood” even though there’s like six different club things going on and they’re all different. But that’s me.

Actual Nuts and Bolts

“I define the American culture to be defined by three elements most strongly.”

How dare you make me read that sentence.

I’m surprised they didn’t say “we have a penchant for the superficial”, which can apply to goth at times now and social media, but that doesn’t seem to work with your definitions…

So “Nuclear Family” is an actual thing… Also what a hell of a way to present Americans to the audience you’re assuming isn’t American. Damn…

Alternative CounterCulture Defined

“…the Alternative CounterCulture believes that each person is uniquely individual and should explore their existence with freedom and choice, recognizing that our individual discoveries are not ours alone, but are needed for something greater… the Alternative CounterCulture believes in an almost primitive notion that you must be willing to explore and even embrace pain to find truth, and that, as you realize things in the midst of this pain, you must share it with others…the Alternative CounterCulture realizes that there is a greater family that they must seek—a tribal family…”

The first one is fine, the second note is iffy but that’s because I don’t like the way it was written, but the third? I think we might need to get into another blog post entirely. Having a relationship with your family isn’t a bad thing if you are alternative and I don’t think anyone would say something about it. I know what they’re trying to say, I just wish this had been revised better.

Goth Kids Hurt too You Know

Find me an actual goth who can read through this entire thing without laughing and/or getting a headache. I like the words they used. I don’t like the order they put them in.

What scenes are they talking about? Fairy Goth, Angel Goths, Cyber Goths, STEAMPUNKS???? and then, the Goth Music Scene? I don’t understand the music scene? Is it not an aspect with various ties to scenes? Not all goths listen to the same thing.

I’m actually a little annoyed despite my melodramatic flailing. Several of us (goth bloggers/vloggers) actively work to expand our personal music tastes to promote local/global artists and develop inclusivism into the Goth Music Scene. Especially when people like The Lady of Manners has people asking her if they can even sit with us because they like Nox Arcana. It bothers me to see someone demand authority on something they have admitted to having little actual experience with try to pin it all down in a paragraph…with no links to anyone in the community who has put some effort into this very topic… click here for the most dedicated attempt to help baby bats get into goth music.

For the Bloggers in the Room

Oh No, That’s It.

No, really, that’s it. They just end with their closing thoughts to be nice to others…and so I have a few words of my own.

I personally dread these things popping up in my feed. There’s always response videos or posts where people say the original poster is…well, not their favorite person in the world. I appreciate the initiative, but I’m not impressed. This person seems to be going through the same phase all goths seem to go through when they’re younger, or rather, a phase a lot of American teenagers go through, “I Know Everything and Mom said I could use the computer.”At least, that’s how it’s coming off. (I went through it too and apparently I’m not done with it.)

I don’t think it’s stupid, they just don’t know how to articulate their findings or really, how to present them.

I hope baby bats of any age take the article with a grain of salt. Some people have devoted a lot of time to exploring goth culture, defining it and building their communities. My personal favorite is The Belfry.

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Until next time,

Don’t be hungry for life. Be ravenous.

Zakkarrii Edison Daniels


One thought on “The Darkest Goth on What is Goth: The Read of the Year

  1. Aytakk

    Regarding “scene” I tend to use it more as referring to what is happening local to you. Each place in the world will have different size scenes, different events (EG – some can do purist goth nights while others can’t, others focus mainly on industrial, others mixed genre), more emphasised elements and so on. Your local scene is what you own and participate within in meat space for the goth subculture.

    That said, the online the scene is very different as it can include people from across the world. Except we don’t call them scenes online – its more online places where like-minded people gather like Facebook groups, Reddit, Tumblr etc.

    I find it interesting she doesn’t even refer to cliques as a subsets of scenes (online and meat space) because of how important they are. Its as if she can’t see the forest for the trees or she never really got into the goth subculture enough to see its inner workings properly. Or she is relying on anecdotal outsider stories from a single source. Her outsider’s outsider observations at work?

    “I hope baby bats of any age take the article with a grain of salt” – My thinking exactly.

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