Pastel Goth: Now Kat Von D Approved

So if you don’t follow Kat Von D, one the most prominent makeup brands that doesn’t treat alternative people like aliens, she’s just teased a product that I’m sure you’ll want to see.

Not sure ya'all are ready for this, but I suggest you PREPARE YOURSELF... for the eyeshadow palette you thought I'd never make! @katvondbeauty 💘 #pastelgoth #comingsoon #crueltyfree #vegan #veganbeauty

Yes, you read that right. A “Pastel Goth” palette and I am so excited for it. I’ve stepped away from talking about makeup for a while because there’s more to living the strange life than looks, but even now we still have this “goths don’t wear color” debate.

Maybe she didn’t open it because inside…it’s all black everything.

That would be hilarious, but Kat Von D has introduced some beautiful palettes in the past with quality that has only improved impressively over time. I even bought the Shade and Light palette and I never used nude colors in my looks prior. So, I’m excited for more eyeshadow and she’s always produced excellent selection for any style.

So a new product is coming out, big deal?

Isn’t it though? I think it’s fair to say that Kat Von D has some skin in the alternative, if not the goth world. (Did you see what I did there? She also tattoos!) So when someone this big comes out with a pastel goth palette, what does it mean? Did trad goths lose? It’s actually, legitimately a thing now? Will there never be a perfect black eyeshadow as dark as my soul?

I think it’s official now, pastel goth is a thing, whether we like it or not. But there isn’t much reason to not like it, or rather, hate it. Contrast is appealing, it gives us more creative options and it comes in lavender. Who doesn’t like lavender?

Monsters, that’s who.

Of course, I don’t think it changes anything, except solidifying pastel goth as a style now. It fought a fair amount for it too.

But we’ll have to wait and see…

If this palette was worth the excruciating tease.

Just thought you ought to know.

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Until next time,

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Zakkarrii Edison Daniels

2 thoughts on “Pastel Goth: Now Kat Von D Approved

  1. Aytakk

    But I already have lavender eye shadow…

    Feels like she is targeting pastel goths with the must have item that screams “Pastel Goth is legit now”. Its all about how she wants to market and she knows marketing well, especially targeting alternative culture,

    Commercialised product and goth aren’t meant to go together. It really sends the wrong idea. I cringe a bit whenever anyone releases targeted products like this.

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