40 Years of Goth

Oh boy, oh boy, this little video has divided up the online scene in so many way…let me get my coffee. *dives into a swimming pool of caffeine* Links are underlined.

That video is a mockery of goth culture and fashion!


A watermarked image, really? Yes, because it’s as ridiculous as some people are being about this.



Okay, let’s start with the good and bad of the video and it’s mostly bad. It looks like it was trying to blend a lot of influences that weren’t necessarily goth from the time periods mentioned in the upper left hand corner. The visual execution was poor. Romantic goth featured some stiff looking netting that is commonly seen with store bought costumes. The steampunk shouldn’t have been there at all, and even the steampunk community wouldn’t have wanted it (I roam there too sometimes). The background left a lot of empty space around the model that could have been filled with the information/explaining the creator is doing on their Facebook page. That goth lolita is definitely from a costume I’ve seen in Spirit Halloween…I should know, I used to work there. There’s barely any good  unless you aren’t an actual goth and just looking to kill a superficial four minutes to glimpse goth style.

The Everyday Goth  mentioned something important. 

“The biggest problem I have with this is that they picked a non-Goth model and she looks “off” in every look…”

This brings up the point we make constantly about not being able to teach Goth. Most of us wear goth clothing that suits us, we feel a bit more like ourselves in it and we do judge other people when we go out. We look for signs of confidence and the relaxation that comes with being in our element. Shoulders back, head high, open body posture in black leather jackets and platform shoes. We know our own kind even when they aren’t dressed up. The model looks like: I’ve seen Buzzfeed videos, I’ll echo that. I’ve seen the Addams family I’ll bring a little of that in too. I’m here, I’m having fun, but I don’t get it. But it’s great exposure.


Go commune with nature. Meditate on this wallpaper that did not credit an actual artist. Think it’s free stock photos.


The Real Reason I don’t like it…

It’s not for any actual goths. We’re not the audience who needs this information, and it seems focused on people who aren’t even baby bats yet. Goth content for goths is always done with this air of authenticity. We style ourselves precisely, even if it’s not a conscious decision, to appeal to goths first and sometimes just goths. Goth content for mass audiences plays on generalization, ignorance, and minimal effort. Immediately “goth = costume” comes to mind, whenever we see it. That says something.

I don’t think the creator is a pretender or a “bad goth”, it takes a lot of work and time to make these sorts of videos. However caving into the pressure of “viral = validity” has never worked out for any goth in the community and it never lasts outside of it. I’d honestly like to see her try again.

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Until next time,

Don’t be hungry for life. Be ravenous.

Zakkarrii Edison Daniels

3 thoughts on “40 Years of Goth

  1. Kallie

    What baffled me about the video is that the creator authored the book “Encyclopedia Gothica,” so I thought the quality and content would have been so much better.

  2. DJ Jelly

    Attitude is everything. I think the sheep in raven’s clothing angle is a legit concern. If the attitude was there it would have sold each look a lot better even if they weren’t quite right. A few people have commented on how the model sold the Pin Up look well (as non-goth as it is) because its her usual thing.

    If she were to do this video again and get goths who dress in each style to do it the video would work a lot better. Get them to do their own makeup and entrances/exits too. Transforming a blank canvas from the outside isn’t enough. Its so sterile and impersonal.

    – Aytakk

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