Wigaholics vs. Rockstar Wigs

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Recently, I saw a few people on Facebook try out Wigaholics, and they said they loved what they got, but it was more show rather than tell. So I leapt in, purchased some, and it’s kind of a mixed bag. I’m coming from the perspective of someone who wears wigs almost every day, not as a cosplayer, so I might be looking for different things. I don’t mind if it’s obvious it’s a wig, but it doesn’t have to look bad you know?

Wigaholics is cheaper than Rockstar wigs.  But looking at the Wigaholics wigs, only 4 out of 7 were really well made. The other three I’m looking at like, why did you think you could get away with this? The black and white wig was the worst of it, see photos, so I’m going to take apart the ponytail clips and sew them to the main wig and just call it a day. I think I’ve had the weft problem maybe once of the several Rockstar wigs I own and it was resolved with a bobby pin. Average Wigaholics wig is maybe $15 dollars and Rockstar maybe $50, that difference apparently means something.

Wigholics has color, Rockstar has style and better fibers. To be fair, Rockstar already has a lot of colors, but it doesn’t have as many shades of blue or purple. Wigaholics has a whole spectrum, but the variety of styles is heavily lacking. I’d buy a white wig from Rockstar before I buy a white one from Wigaholics. I imagine because it’s so light a color that that makes it easier to see the wefts. Rockstar is way better in quality. I think they use different fibers now for specific styles of wigs and they are more on the natural feel of things than Wigaholics. Don’t get me wrong, Wigaholics is holding their own for the price.

Both are flat iron friendly. Check what each site recommends is the highest temperature and even then start as low as possible and build up slowly. Use water or something to protect the fiber from the intensity.

Wigaholics ships from Asia and Rockstar ships from the USA. They both take about the same time to arrive. I think Rockstar offers free shipping on every order (or it’s built into the cost already…maybe). Wigaholics offers free shipping on orders of $150 and I paid dearly to find that out. I am so mad at myself for that. If you’re bent on getting a collection of Wigaholics wigs, just save up $150 and do it then. It’s like another $13 for shipping on each wig. Small side note of awesome, the delivery man called me to make sure I didn’t miss my package. That was super cool.

The extra goodies from Wigaholics is actually good. I’m not saying it’s best, but for the wig, the wig cap, the wig stand (which isn’t awful), bobby pins, and a brush for like $12 a package, it’s a lot. That shouldn’t be the defining factor though. These are the wigs I liked from them:

  1. Grey Violet Bob
  2. Heavy Purple
  3. Two Tone Violet
  4. Blue Grey 

and these are the ones I didn’t like so much:

  1. Black and White Tragedy 
  2. Wefts with Silver
  3. Purple Business 

Overall, I don’t know. I’m not keen to run back to Wigaholics anytime soon. Especially since it’s such a hit or miss in quality. The wigs they did well, they did really well and the ones I didn’t love, I just look at as wig projects. I know I’m going to be satisfied at Rockstar no matter what I choose and I’m going to take a look at them to start a wishlist.

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