To Be or Not To Be An Icon

Before we get started, this isn’t a middle finger to “capitalist America that’s fucked the integrity of the common people”. I could write an essay about the benefits of people participating in social media as a form of individual advertising. Right now, this is musings on how people become social media icons, and manage to gain a following unlike any other. We’re not talking about for me because I want it for myself, but it’s a weird thing to see isn’t it? People spend enormous amounts of money to make sure their marketing is the best. People go to school specifically for generating and supporting a fan base. It’s amazing how it trickles down, from big companies to individuals with small companies of their own, and then to people like you and me. Little people, I think, they call us, who want to be seen and heard. I’ve seen so many people lose themselves to it…so easy to obsess over.

Anyway, what did I come here to say?

Oh yes. Don’t ever aim to be an icon. Whether you’re a blogger like me, an “aspiring YouTuber” or an artist, don’t do it. It’s really a rigid thing. It’s like trying to pour the brightest parts of yourself into a tiny test tube made of thin glass. These things always break, honey, and it’s not like it can hold everything you have to offer. There’s always going to be some denied part of yourself, something you think will hurt your reputation and at the end of your life you’re going to regret it. Be a splash, or a tsunami, or a pool but don’t be filtered down, marketable you. It just won’t taste the same.


Well, that’s all great, but don’t you want the same thing?

I never wanted to be an icon, and I use that word loosely. Any of my friends can tell you I hate networking with a passion, networking for the sake of knowing someone in the business. Hebleh. Perhaps it is a juvenile approach (Could fill a book the ways I’ve been told “that’s how business works kid), but I don’t have it in me to be fake. It’s exhausting smiling at shit you don’t actually like or care about. It’s painful to phrase every sentence carefully as a way to endear people to you. I love the connections I have made my way, I  do know some cute people with a little empire of their own, thank you. I love them, would fight for them, and support their work in a way no networking and “follow for follow” or la la bullshit can inspire me to do.

I blame my distant nature for it entirely and my adorable ability to say no to anyone. I’ve been sitting at my laptop for the last week trying to figure out how to make this IMATS video I want to do…let’s say, palatable, how to write a cute caption for Instagram, or the “right” people to pay attention to. It makes me feel very empty. Every time I make something I always ask myself, “If you die tonight, is this how you want to be remembered?” Yeah, yeah, I’m a heavy heart carrying, coffee drinking, lithe brat with way too much pride.

bite me

Little snippy, aren’t we?

Look, I forgot what I wanted to do, with the blog, the other accounts. I lost my heart for the 666 because I wanted so much other shit to be important. It’s weird when you forget people can like you for you. The main goal was, is, always “find the ones like you”. The outsiders, the fringers, the weird kids, who need to be reminded they are a force to be reckoned with. They matter just as much as anyone else. They say the things no one else will say, because it doesn’t appeal to their audience or some other excuse. I thought I had to submit to survive, but really, I am just too busy living the strange life.

So I’ll work on making videos, getting the 666 back up and running. I’m sure you’ve missed it dearly. Oh but, wait. Surprise! This is one of the 666 posts!

Do you want to be famous? What would you do with your platform? Or is there some other reason you want people to know about your work?

No but it really is on the list.

Now that that’s out of the way, maybe I can actually be a lighter soul, or get some work done. While you wait to see what “work” is for a strange girl, follow this blog by Joining the Strange Collective at the top of the page. Visit The Dream Lounge to purchase clothing and decor fit for a freak, and follow me on  Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and now Twitter .

Until next time,

Don’t be hungry for life. Be ravenous.

Zakkarrii Edison Daniels

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