The Art of Moving

Just a quick check in, so you don’t think I’m dead. Recently, like beginning of this year, I moved to Southern California, the last place I expected to call home. I always imagined myself living in San Francisco (but it’s toooooo expensive) or Seattle. Oh god, I love Seattle.

The art of moving has meant getting furniture and retriving the things I bought ages ago for my first place from storage. I’ve been collecting weird gothy things for years now. For the last year, my life was packing up every two months, traveling hotel to hotel, and it was fun. I didn’t settle down because the traveling got to me (not completely) or because I didn’t like my job anymore. It was stress in other areas of my life and I broke. Like a delicate bone china tea cup tumbling down stairs only to smash to pieces at the bottom. I gave it all I had and now, now I want a home.

That was the weird thing about traveling. I was always chasing this sense of normal. Not having to get my id out for cigarettes because I’d been to the gas station so often they knew me. The bar we’d go to often after work, where there was eventually a glass of champagne or Riesling waiting for me before I ordered. The big one? Finally not needing the GPS to get around because I memorized the streets, like I could give directions to a stranger if I had to. The little things that make life seem so boring were the things I craved the most.

So now, I sort of have it. I love love love my apartment. I always worry that I’ll open the door and it won’t feel right anymore. Not a chance, the more I work on it, the more I love it. I hate being away from it to go to work. The move was a huge shift for me. I’m doing most of this by myself with a good amount of emotional support from my friends. I am enjoying seeing what I’m made of.

Oh, and Happy New Year by the way.

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Until next time,

Don’t be hungry for life. Be ravenous.

Zakkarrii Edison Daniels

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