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“If I could, I would” is a little daydreaming for the wanderlust goth. Some choices are obviously a little extravagant and some are realistic goals for the future. Today we’re planning a misadventure through Montreal, Canada. Links are in bold, quotes are in italics.

I feel like if given the opportunity, we’d spend more than a day here, because you can’t just stay in a castle for one night. That’s right, I said castle. Old Montreal Castle and Suites (or Château Vieux-Montréal) is located fairly close to the things on this list. It’s probably very expensive, but the big suite does sleep 8-10 people, so gather up the goth family, we’re going on an adventure.


After we’d settle in to the lovely suite, we’d have lunch at Cafe Aunja, a little far if you’re familiar with Montreal but this is my fantasy so shush. I feel like a Borage Valerian with “persian borage, valerian, dried lime, and saffron rock candy” is the only suitable tea for an avid coffee drinker. I’m kidding, I don’t have any idea what that would taste like, but new place, new experiences. They do have a brunch menu on weekends, but with such sexy teas, I’m sure it’s crazy on weekends.

For sightseeing, I don’t know, bookstore or cemetery first? The Mount Royal Cemetery is a further away than the cafe, but it’s called Mount Royal and looks so pretty. Visiting cemeteries while traveling is kind of a tradition for me. It’s like paying respects to the people who contributed to the city. It’s a meditative experience. The Notre-Dame des Neiges, another cemetery, is close to the Mount Royal and also gorgeous.

The Gates of Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal, Photo:

Word (The) is a rare and used bookshop from 1973, and with a name like that, we have to go. Wikipedia informs us “Housed in this 19th-century brick building with a main floor a little larger than your average living room, the store has changed very little since it first opened. There are still no computers or electronic cash registers and calls are still made on a rotary phone.”  They also mention ceiling to floor amounts of books, so I’m guessing bring cash, coffee, and a responsible adult who will remind you it’s difficult to carry a library on a plane.

For dinner, let’s go to O’Noir. Despite its name, I don’t get the impression it’s a “goth” restaurant per say, more like a higher up choice for dining where the goth family rolls out in gowns and suits, because you know, it’s us. (I don’t think it’s black tie, but….) Delicious noms feature a Duck Confit Rilette with a blackberry and shallot marmalade (I bet it’s so good, I die), Fish of the Day with caper and garlic creamy sauce, and eggplant caviar, and I cannot resist Dark Chocolate Terrine with hazelnut praline. I love hazelnut. Wait, oh my god, I’m wrong. O’Noir is not a cute name for a ritzy joint, its staff is blind and you dine in complete darkness! Ah, the fun things you learn on the internet, like mild embarrassment. I don’t know why I didn’t see that before…

To finish up this grand escapade, a trip to Bar Passeport‘s Saturday night feature, Soiree Different Mode. They also have Rebirth on Wednesday which is darkly inclined, so options. It’s one of very few weekly goth clubs/nights in Montreal, or at least that’s on Yelp. (Is Montreal one of those places you turn down a twist of streets and find everything you’re looking for?)


The Post for the 666 is: What is one goth place, that is not a club, near you? What makes it goth? For small town goths, let’s count cemeteries. Otherwise that would be cruel. 

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