So You Want to be a Goth YouTuber

It’s been a while since I’ve participated full force in the YouTube community, but these are a few of the problems I’ve heard people either complaining about or…the sins they have committed.

1. Start. If you want to make videos, make them. What are you waiting for? Hit record on anything you have and make it work. You’ve got to start somewhere. Just go. Go do it!

2. Camera quality isn’t that big of a deal. Yes, with the vast selection and price range of decent cameras these days, some people viciously expect your video quality to reflect that. But I’ve seen some people get so wrapped up in having a “nice” camera, they don’t make anything until they have one. Worse, they wait to learn anything about making videos until they have one. Nothing will help you gain experience points faster than what you have now. Just a gentle reminder, a lot of the  goth youtubers who kind of set the tone for that scene didn’t have all that badass equipment and that didn’t stop us from watching.

3. Edit your video. No one likes trying to pick out useful information in a sea of “ums” and “likes”. They also don’t like to sit through wicked long pauses in an 8 minute video. Give yourself at least a second pause in between sentences or ideas. Speak clearly like you’re presenting something, instead of the general mumbling you do in every day conversation (Me, I do this.) Even if it is in the middle of a recording, correct your mistake and edit it later. It’ll keep the energy consistent. If you can’t edit your videos (like at all, you don’t even have Windows Movie Maker) see tip #6.

4.Practice makes perfect. I promise the more you make the easier it will get. Speaking (even outside the realm of making videos), drafting ideas, and editing will all get easier. If your focus is to build an audience, start posting once a week before you go full throttle and post three times a week. It doesn’t have to be perfect right out the gate, but every video should be an opportunity to improve.

5. Lighting is LITERALLY everything, especially for Goth vloggers. I know we said camera quality isn’t important, but oh my god this is my biggest pet peeve with goth vloggers. Black clothing under dim light helps no one. Every now and then, with a brief explanation, is okay. For example, you’re doing a rant in your car at 2am and have to get it off your chest because of the pure ridiculousness of the situation. However, haul videos, make up tutorials, outfit of the day posts, demand proper lighting. If nothing else, go out in the sunlight (boo, hiss), by a desk lamp on clearance at Target, work with me here!

6. Draft and rehearse. Whether it’s simply writing down key concepts and elaborating them on camera or going through a carefully drafted script, rehearse what you’re doing. You’ll catch all kinds of weird mistakes, like figuring out the parts you hesitate at, but you’ll always be better for it.

7. GIVE. A. SHIT. There’s one thing I can promise you, even if you think the rest of this list is shit. If you don’t care, no one else will. Whether it’s a thrift haul, a valid point about goth culture, or you talking about your cat, if you don’t express honest emotion towards it, people click away. They can’t connect with you. That’s the beauty of YouTube, we get to see you how you want to be seen.

There you go, a handy dandy list for figuring out how to start your vlogging career. Run wild, my child of the night.

Oh wait! The post for 666: create a YouTube channel concept you’d want to watch or be a part of. Bonus points if you link it and make it. 

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Don’t be hungry for life. Be ravenous.

Zakkarrii Edison Daniels

4 thoughts on “So You Want to be a Goth YouTuber

    1. hellsquookie

      Lol, you are welcome. I feel like I was kind of writing this for myself because I haven’t made a video in forever because I have a little stage fright. We’ll see, maybe 2016 I find my umph!

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