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See, I wasn’t really sure I wanted to include “My Goth Identity” in the title, but fuck it, let’s rock this boat.

Welcome to the first of 666 Goth Posts. That’s right, I said 666. I love lists of writing prompts and list of blog ideas, but when you break them down to the very core of their being, it ends up looking a lot like this(Links in bold by the way.) I was a little disheartened at its simplicity, so I challenged myself to come up with more. (But like no that’s the general gist of it….) I still need like 100 and something to have a full list, but we’re pretty much set for the year. I’m trying to avoid topics I’ve already covered, and I’m not really writing for baby bats, so that took away …a lot. Removing the bulk of the tutorials like “How to shop for your first pair of creepers” kind put a massive dent in my list. But here’s the super sneaky secret mission of the 666: it’s to inspire new bloggers to write more quality stuff. Most of the blogs I followed, let’s say back in 2010, started off really strong, there will always be baby bats with questions, but as the list of the beginner topics grew thin, so did content, and within two years those blogs are now one of two things. Dead or an endless list of hauls, top tens, and personal blogs. Not that I mind personal blogs, but there’s not a lot about goth for like 20 somethings and over. At least, not as much I would like. At least, not yet. The 666 will always feature an actual topic below the post, and there’s also the Page if you don’t want to scroll through 666 blog posts.

Today we’re talking about a sense of identity which is a huge part of Goth culture. When I look back through the 666, this moment will be our “started from the coffin, now we’re here”. So who am I? I’m Zakkarrii, your resident mischief maker.

Graphic from: http://www.blackwaterfall.com/viewall.php

My parents joke often that I was born goth, because I’d always been a bit of dark kid. (wait….) I was always withdrawn from social activities, had a hard time fitting in with groups and had no goth friends until I was about 20. I didn’t start using the label “goth” until I was 14,15 ish, but I mean it was obvious which route I was going to take. In terms of what kind of goth I am, I am Wonderland Goth. I know, I know, making shit up already, but play along. I was always interested in blogging. Always, always. I read Madison Finn when I was in elementary school and was hell bent on getting a laptop, and writing out fascinating school day activities. I don’t know. On one hand, it was a sense of preservation of the identity I had developed, which may seem vain, but there is actually a very important story behind this. When I began to get into YouTube and blogging, I came across this guy’s videos. It was hilarious, one of his early ones, and so I kept watching and watching, until the more recent videos had comments like RIP and It’s such a shame. I didn’t understand, until I found the one where he explained that he had cancer. He had died about a month before I found his videos. That whole discovery of his videos and then him dying, stuck with me for years and it stuck hard. There are so many wonderful people who create such brilliant content that helps other people, and to me it’s powerful. They can still continue to help other people even if they are no longer with us. (I didn’t mean to make this dark, I am so sorry.) I’m not saying I’m brilliant, I still don’t like my writing or the person I am completely, but practice makes perfect. On the other hand, it’s how I measure my personal growth, dealing with things like anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. I can always see how far I’ve come, and I love interacting with people through media.

Goth has helped me a lot actually. It’s greatly influenced the person I have become. One day we’ll talk in detail about how it saved me. It made me want to learn to be social, to be creative. Many of my closest friends are goths, like Prava Couture, a vicious music curator and Zephyr Asmodel, owner of the Wicker Rabbit. My life is so much better for it, and while many shun the label, I’m honestly proud to wear it. The culture is also amazing in how long it’s survived compared to others and it really does stand as a subculture.

So I was destined to be a goth blogger, is what I’m trying to say.

Let’s pretend this is my work space, because it’s so nice. Photo: NYSAAN.com http://goo.gl/ouQt3b

666 posts is a long ways to go to find out just how much I am interested in goth, but look how long the blog has been up. I am very much in it to win it. So your first post of the 666 is simple: Introduce yourself. But don’t get to comfortable, that the only super easy post I’m throwing at you.

Ready to begin this journey with me? Excellent, the first step is following the blog by “Joining the Exploration Party” at the top of this page. But you can’t just read about adventures, Facebook,Youtube,Tumblr,Instagram.

Until next time,

Don’t be hungry for life. Be ravenous.

Zakkarrii Edison Daniels

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