The Fool’s Journey (Packing Up and Shipping Out)

Life is full of opportunities for reinventing yourself and so we come to a new chapter, or better yet, volume, of my life. Life is more inviting when I think of it as adding to a library instead of a singular book. Soon, I will start the 666 Journey through Goth, a myriad of topics and side quests for those living the strange life. Mingled into that collection will be a personal journey through the Tarot, with associations and history and all that good stuff. But we need a map don’t we? Can’t just run off naked into the wild and hope for the best. (Well you can…but I like clothes too much for that.)

I like the version of the Fool’s Journey that Mary K. Greer used in her book 21 Ways to Read Tarot.  Simple enough to leave room for interpretation but specific enough to retain the general meaning of the cards. “Beginning a great journey, in which/every act is magical, creative, and self expressive/ combined with memories and emotions./ We create the world and reality we live in, and/ we rule ourselves and our domain/ guided by belief and tradition, and/ mediated by our relationships with others./ Setting out on the road to self-mastery/ we struggle with desires and instincts/ searching for intellectual and spiritual prudence and wisdom./As the seasons change and fortune fluctuates/ we are called to account for our decisions, and/ we suffer the consequences, yielding new perspectives./ We let go of what is dead and useless/ learning to compassionately accept and combine all opposites/so as to face ignorance, fears and limitations./When old constructs shatter under the searing light of consciousness/we awaken to awareness of the larger patterns/which affect our instinctive evolution and growth./ We find joy and happiness/ hearing the call to eternal life from a Higher Will/ we realize that that Will and ours are one.”

But perhaps this story is a little vague, although some may find it extremely useful for learning the meanings of the cards. There is a more detailed story on 78 Nights of Tarot that actually tells a story using the cards of the Major Arcana, but this doesn’t work for me too much because it relies heavily upon the Rider Waite imagery. Then there’s The Tarot Journey that studies the relationships between Tarot and historical references, such as the Kabbalah. It also uses a lot of references with Bible concerning the Fool’s Journey.

I’m sure you’re wondering at this point, Zakkarrii why does it even matter? Pick a card, make it relate to your life, you know how it goes. I’m doing this little experiment to see if Tarot cards can be used in a more precise therapeutic way, as opposed to the traditional route of reading Tarot cards for yourself. I also want to know more about the connections people make to things like colors, herbs, moon phases, numbers. Tarot is the canvas for a wide range of symbolism and if it can help people in a real way, then why not approach it? I love Tarot and what people come up with for themselves, for their art, for their peace of mind. So buckle up.

So for a more personal journey you can create for yourself, you’re going to need a tarot deck. I’ll be using Tarot of the Silicon Dawn. It’s so badass and cool. Worth noting however, this deck does include extra cards besides the 78, although you can use the deck without the extras. Also she switched wands and coins, and I’ll go through the switch when those cards come up.  The only other decks I have been very inclined to buy was The Night Sun Tarot which definitely uses the Kabbalah for their reference point, (Tarot of the Silicon Dawn, I believe uses a little bit of everything, but mostly Golden Dawn) and Paulina Tarotfor its colorful and wonderland-esque nature. As I write this and grab links I’m trying to remind myself I have a balanced collection of cards and I do not need anymore….but it’s so hard.

I’ll try to make an actual topic for each card as we go through it, so it’s not just me talking about…myself, so much. I also might make a list of the entire 666, but oh my god it’s not even complete yet. I have like 250 more topics to find, or at least actually relate to the goth or the strange life. Give me like two days.

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Until next time,

Don’t be hungry for life. Be ravenous.

Zakkarrii Edison Daniels

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