American McGee Vorpal Bag Unboxing

Of all the reproductions of Alice in Wonderland, my ultimate favorite has to be American McGee’s. In case you don’t know who that is, they made two video games inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Alice and Alice: The Madness Returns. Between you an me, I love these retellings because it expands on the original story and is insanely visually appealing. Speaking of visually appealing, can you imagine how excited I was when he started making bags?

I was very excited. For $200, the bag may seem a little pricey at first. It’s sturdy, made with real leather, steel and horsehair. The important parts, like where the strap connects to the bag and the closure, are strong, so I get the impression you can really load this bag up with midnight adventure supplies. The only downside is the bag isn’t big enough to be a school bag. It’s a decent size for an every day purse though. Because the sides of the bag are curved, there is a little give when you load it up, but it would have been nice to see, maybe another set of buttons to close the bag when it’s that full. Otherwise the bag is designed well and built to last. So far I am very happy with my purchase.

If American McGee makes a coffin bag, like with Cheshire influence, that would be a must have. I look forward to seeing what other designs he comes up with and they aren’t just limited to Alice. There is a Snow White, Red Riding Hood, and Cinderella, with Red Riding Hood being the next to get a bag.

There are only 34 left as I post this. Just so you know. Get the bag here!

The box the bag comes in.

The box the bag comes in.


Care instructions for the bag. Written by someone who speaks my language.



Front of Bag

Front of Bag



IMG_1519The Not Vorpal Bag (click here to get it)

Not the Vorpal Bag

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