Coffin Box Preorders

I miss making boxes so much, so here is the compromise. I am currently traveling and won’t be able to physically  make the boxes until September 22nd till October 13th. I will create sketches of the coffin boxes I want to make and post them on The Dream Lounge at Etsy. These will be discounted by 50% the regular price I would/will sell them for.

I can make a box now but it’s an additional $10, because I would have to go get everything where I am now. I think I’ll have to mark which ones I could make immediately, as some designs will be more costly than others.

Shipping time is about 3 to 5 days, but some of my boxes have arrived earlier. They will be started and shipped out in the order the purchase was made.

You can totally request a custom design, just send me an email. I love painting boxes.


To see what is available before it hits Etsy, follow me on Instagram (themischiefweaver), Facebook  (thelostdreamlounge), and here. Join the Exploration Party at the top of the page and know before anyone else!

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