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A lot of coupon match up sites guide people to sales by telling them to buy four or six sets of shampoo or some other soap based item. Stock piling is fine and well if you’re preparing to be unemployed for an extended period of time (like all you work are seasonal jobs) or some kind of financial emergency. There aren’t a lot of sites that actually talk about couponing like a normal person. I thought my last trip to Target was pretty good, using only week of 6/7 and week 6/14 newspaper coupons. I would like to post about more couponing trips for like one or two items in the future so we’ll see how this is recieved. I needed shampoo, soap, conditioner, hair dye, toothpaste, toothbrush (I can never keep track of a frickin’ toothbrush when I travel) and deodorant because I somehow lost my favorite one in the entire world.

Why Target? Because Target had a coupon for $5 gift card with $20 beauty purchase, a coupon like this comes like two, maybe three times a year. There are absolutely no CVS near me or I would have picked up more stuff from them and I didn’t go to Walgreens because the sales and rewards with purchase either asked too much with too little return (buy three colgate items get $1 reward…) or only offered balance points. I’d rather go to a place that carries a lot of stuff I can use coupons with like food. So anyway…

(1) Zest 3 pack of soap: $1.69
(1) L’oreal Advanced Care Shampoo $3.99
(1) L’oreal Advanced Care Conditioner $3.99
(2) Colgate Extra Clean Toothbrushes each $0.94
(1) Garnier Flat Iron Spray $2.54
(1) Colgate Toothpaste $2.99
(1) Garnier Nutrisse Hair Color $6.99
(1) Degree Deodorant $3.89

Total before coupons: $27.96

Use (hair dye in a seperate transaction):
Degree coupon (1.50)
Zest coupon (.50)
Colgate Coupons (2) $1.00 off toothbrush, (1) $1.00 toothpaste
L’oreal Advanced Hair care coupons (2) $2.00
Garnier coupon ($1.00)

Cartwheel 10% off Garnier and L’oreal

Target coupon $5 GC wyb $20

$9.91 before tax
$11.05 with taxes, get $5.00 gift card

Hair dye:
Garnier listed at 6.99
use cartwheel $6.29
use $2.00 coupon: $4.29
add $.48 for tax

use $5 gift card….so like free….

Ta da. I hope that made sense. If the workings aren’t clear let me know. Does this help anyone looking to save a little money or make their pennies go a little further? I’ll try and work on some for next week and post it. You should also know couponing varies state in terms of availability of coupons in newspapers and prices store to store (it’s way more expensive in California). For now, I can’t print coupons, but if there others listed that might be easier for people to get a hold of I’ll include those too. This deal can be used until Sunday I believe, but the sooner you do it the better. You can also check store availability for Targets near you.

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