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There’s something here for everyone, don’t worry. I tried to pick out things that were in stock at the time of postings and I’m working on ways to make some of the more unique pieces that were out of stock. There’s also a coupon out for an additional 30% off already discounted items, though this seems to not apply to every garment on sale. The code to be entered while viewing your cart is EXTRA30. 


(From left to Right: Tuxedo Blazer $19.99, Floral Lace Cami Dress $13.99, Cutout Bodycon Dress $20.61, Metallic Rose Patterned Dress $19.99, Flutter Sleeve Knit Dress $13.86)

If you like these specific items, the fastest way to find them without going through the whole sales category is to use the search at the top of the page. Type in the title of the garment and it should take you to it or relatively close to it. The prices are listed before the additional 30% off.

Tuxedo Blazer: I would want this for myself, because even on my days off I like to feel dressed up. Perfect for covering up on those chilly summer nights without losing any points for style.

Floral Cami Dress: If you know me, then you know I love any dress cute like this. I use them for layering mostly (because I like to be covered up, pretty much head to toe) with a collared shirt.

Bodycon Dress: This reminds me of Sebastian Columbine and if you don’t know why, you’re not doing it right.

Metallic Rose Dress: I love it. I certainly don’t need it, but at one point, a quarter of my clothes must have a similar textured print.

Flutter Sleeve Knit Dress: It’s like semi fancy. You know when there’s not enough incentive to pull out your over the top Victorian pieces and cute jeans and a sweater isn’t going to cut it.

(From Left to Right: Floral Lace Dress, unlined $22.99, Crisscross- Back Blouse $20.61, Cross Print High Low Shirt $18.99, GeoDaze Crop Top $10.99, Metallic Baroque Print Sweatshirt $12.99)

Floral Lace Dress: This is unlined, which is really good if some days you want to layer it with a maxi and other days just a crop top and shorts. Love that it’s long sleeve.

Crisscross Blouse: Reminds me of the opening scene from Hocus Pocus, therefore it’s essential.

Cross Print High Low Shirt: There is purple on it and I feel like it must be mine. I don’t know how crazy I am about the high low business, but that might just be my need for symmetry kicking up.

GeoDaze Crop Top:If you a picky goth clothing person, then you understand it is never to early to start shopping for fall and winter wardrobes. Never.

Baroque Print Sweatshirt: Look at it glisten in the light. Sometimes it is hard to be the most fashionable person in a dimly lit room, but where there’s a metallic print, there are eyes that need to be on you.

I know it seems the non plus size Women’s category has a lot more and that’s because it does, but keep in mind they don’t necessarily empty out their sales page. They just add new items to the items that are currently on sale. These white pieces were pieces originally offered in black as well but have sold out. You can always add your email address to get notice if they do come back in stock and sometimes they do. It’s about a 50/50 chance of it happening though.

(From Left to Right: Embroidered Lace Blouse $25.11, Chiffon Paneled Colorblock Top $19.99, Metallic Lace Fringe Kimono $19.99, Sheer Ruffled Shirt $15.99, Ruffled Crop Top $15.99)

Embroidered Lace Blouse: It’s not quite hippie, it’s not quite Southern, I’m not sure what I’m getting from it, but as Forever 21 has put out a lot of lace things recently. I appreciate the uniqueness of this one.

Chiffon Paneled Top: Seems like a very summer top. The white trim is a nice touch.

Metallic Kimono: Of all the kimonos they have in their sale I like this one the most. It doesn’t have the same risk of looking too casual, and could be worn to a formal event.

Sheer Ruffled Shirt: Because if you don’t have one already, there is no longer an excuse.

Ruffled Crop Top: I grabbed this even though I don’t like things to hang off my body too much. I’ll probably wear it over a tank top, but it seem like a versatile piece.

(From Left to Right: Cable Knit Pencil Skirt $16.02, Creased Front Trousers $17.91, Accordion Pleat Wide Leg Pants $20.61, Textured Knit Flute Skirt $11.99, Corduroy Shorts $11.99)

Cable Knit Pencil Skirt: Never too early for fall, also it goes with literally everything you have already.

Creased Front Trousers: Work friendly, not everyone wears skirts and I believe it has pockets. Good, simple, trousers are hard to find, so you may want to grab these.

Accordion Pleat Wide Leg Pants: Honestly, if your heart lies in some kind of 1960s gothic circus, I can see an outfit with these. However, if I wouldn’t label these pants a necessity. They are fun though.

Textured Knit Flute Skirt: Super cute skirt for less that $12? Do you know how to shop?

Corduroy Shorts: Somehow within a year I seem to lose all but one pair of shorts that I bought for summer. The solution? Find them. Obviously buy the kind of shorts that will work all year round (I wear them with brightly colored tights in winter.)

Plus Size:


(From Left to Right: Striped High Slit Maxi Dress: $13.93, Lace Fit and Flare Dress $16.99, Lattice Patterned Velveteen Top $11.99)


(From Left to Right: Lace Paneled Blouse $14.99, Floral Crochet Faux Leather Skirt $16.99, Fresco Print Top $11.99)


(From Left to Right: Knit Hooded Coat $37.99, Velveteen Blazer $37.99, Creased Dress Trousers $20.93, Satin Back Suit Vest $16.99, Baroque Print Sweatshirt $13.99)


There are plenty of other pieces that are a part of the sale, but things are selling out pretty fast. Even if Forever 21 isn’t explicitly goth, there’s always something in any store you can work into your wardrobe. For more adventures in retail and how to fully obsess over clothes, take a moment to follow the blog by “Joining the Exploration Party” at the top of the page. To see the clothing in action…sure, let’s go with that, follow me on Facebook,Youtube,Tumblr,Instagram.

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