J Cat Beauty Haul and Review

Now you can just take this as a public service announcement.

Have you heard of the brand J Cat Beauty? I hadn’t until last week when my hunger for make up was running high. I don’t even remember how I happened upon this delightful haven, but it’s a care package from the cosmetic gods. Sorry I’m gushing. To the review!

For $3.99 lipsticks and $4.99 lip paint, I couldn’t help indulge a little bit. I picked up 11 different colors; 2 lipsticks and 9 lip paints.


The Pout-holic Lipsticks are very pigmented and are opaque in one swipe. It’s equal if not better than NYX lippies as the packaging is a little bit stronger. The finish is semi-matte and while it’s creamy when applying it has an impressive lasting power. Ingredients and expiration dates are clearly labeled, which I find to be really important. Fashion of the Day has a very faint smell, a fragrance is more noticeable in Outfit of the Day, and reminds me of mint, not overpowering at all. I expected Outfit of the Day to be brighter, but its color must be dependent on the light. It’s a little darker than how it appears in the tube. Fashion of the Day is brighter than in the tube and more like a green Vain from OCC. I would definitely rebuy and probably pick up Makeup of the Day and Man Candy Monday next.


Wonder Lip Paint

First off, a lot of these colors are named after Wonderland references. Damn it, they are going to get so much of my money. The color selection looks like some OCC dupes on the website, but I’m not entirely convinced in person. It won’t be a complete replacement for OCC Lip Tar for me, but they will be useful in mixing to create weird lip colors. They are creamy, like legit liquid lipstick and dry to a semi matte to matte finish. I’ll be reviewing the colors separately as there are differences color to color.

Spoke Fancy- This was the color I stayed for. It’s more pink magenta than I would like, and probably the thickest of the lip paint I ordered (but not in a bad way). It’s metallic which helps in longevity and dries matte. This color doesn’t need a primer to achieve full coverage.
Wonderland- It’s an interesting soft blue green color. It’s appropriately named Wonderland. Very creamy, though the oil did separate a little bit when I first opened it. The light color and the creaminess might take a few passes to build up to a truly opaque color, so I recommend a primer with this one. Might even prefer this as a lipstick.

Mad Splatter- Every time you see an electric pink gloss with a blue shift this is what it wants to be. Another one that might need a primer even be used with another darker color as a highlight.

Mary Unbirthday- There seem to be several typos throughout the product names, so I think was supposed to be Merry Unbirthday. This blue is brighter than OCC’s RX and I love its electricity. This brand does bright colors well, and this one doesn’t need a primer.

Little Bumblebee- A little harder to get full coverage without a primer, but I prefer this to Tarred from OCC. It does maintain the lip paint creaminess but I wouldn’t use this to replace my go to black lipstick.

2nd Impossible Thing- I was actually surprised at how nice this color is. In the tube it seems like it would be a blinding reddish coral, but it’s a little more mellow than that. I bought this primarily for mixing with Mary Unbirthday to get an interesting purple color, but it could be worn as a highlight with a darker color. No primer necessary.

Ches Desire Cat- It’s a lavender color, suspect it’s a true lavender because it’s not too pink. This one can be worn without a primer and is absolutely delightful for spring. I feel like this is a shade that can be worn with any skin tone.

Dream Me Up- Originally named Tea Time, this is the brightest dark green lipstick I’ve ever seen. It’s also the creamiest metallic and dries to a semi matte finish. Green is one of my favorite colors so you can bet I’ll be picking up more of this. No primer needed.

Red Potion- I expected this to be more of a blood red, but it’s a not quite dark red. Definitely an every day lip color suitable for goth and not so goth people alike. No primer needed for color. It’s not my favorite, but it is going to look so pretty for late summer night coffee runs.

I cannot wait to start wearing these products everywhere. Get your own set at their website and I’d love to know what you got/want.

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