3 Games Looking for that Green Light

I like to think of this small collection as mind candy. But don’t linger outside the candy store, get your ass in here and find out what we’re selling. Clickable joys are in bold. (Like links to the developers websites and where to vote for it on Steam.)

A Light in Chorus- 

It’s beautiful in its simple design. A design you can change as you explore the seemingly endless environment around you. They describe it as “A Light in Chorus is an exploration game set in a world made entirely of particles.It’s designed to be a meditative and sensorially rich environment where players must make choices about how they bring to life a set of ghostly, overlapping worlds (and stories) by collaging lights, spaces and sounds.We’re using our own engine.You should probably just see it in motion…” ( their website) It seems like the kind of game you play after what feels like the longest day ever, with the lights off, headphones in, and mind ready to wander. So far I haven’t seen anything that demonstrates how you actually interact with the particles, but I imagine that will come up shortly. In the teaser you can see an animal run across your path and the buildings changing lights as well as objects being highlighted in different colors. I hope that means something. They, Matthew Warshaw and Elliot Johnson, are running it on their own engine and it’s looks pretty damn smooth. Color me hard core intrigued.You can vote for it on Steam


I always have a soft spot in my heart for games done in this style, you know, “8-bit pixel art fused with 32-bit shaders and 3D effects”. I just can’t say no to playing them. But it’s not just a game, my friend, oh no. The worlds are randomly generated from a six letter code and each world contains “1 overworld, 9 dungeons, 9 bosses, 25 combinable items and at least 200 secrets”. You can even play with a permadeath option. OH MY GOD. The more I l learn about this, the more I need it. I believe you can also play with a multiplayer option if you use the same code. Think I’m fangirling too much? Check out their website, presskitand Kickstarter. They even stream the development of the game on TwitchAnd after you’ve thoroughly become addicted to a drug that’s not even out yet, go vote for it on Steam

Wand Wars-

Bright colors, a good dose of competitive spirit and magic, sounds like my kind of game. Wand Wars is  currently planned to be released as a local multiplayer game, with online multiplayer mode becoming available as an update post-release. They’re a team of 3, 1 developer, Bogdan Rybak, and 2 artists, Igor Puzhevich and Megan Alcock. From what I’ve seen of their screen shots and gifs on Tumblr, it looks like a fun game that could lead to the start of many a drinking game and the end of so many friendships. Check it out here, and then vote for it on Steam

Looks like I’m going to be busy this summer, provided of course these games get their greenlights. I hope they do. I haven’t found anything calling to my strange nature in forever. Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments and to see what else is coming up for the stranger in you, follow this blog by “Joining the Exploration Party” at the top of this page. For other mischief, follow me on Facebook,Youtube,Tumblr,Instagram.

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