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I would have posted sooner, but after I boss attacked the sale at midnight, I was like screw it, let’s stay up forever. I took notes while I was in the store and I’ll show the sample pack we got today. I am so glad I got to bring my friend to this event, I think she had a really good time.

Before the doors open… The mall is mostly empty at 8:45am, with the exception of security, the cleaning crew, some different people attending a different event (I think) and the members of the VIB Rouge program. There’s about 15 of us standing out the doors, patiently wanting to get our shop on. A few seem excited, lots of people brought their mothers. Everyone is dressed pretty causally, but still “going to a nice place afterwards for brunch” nice. I would say every other person wore minimal to no make up. I went full face and full springtime in gothland regalia. From the window, I can see the brunch snacks and the check in table, but no sign of any brand ambassadors. My first though to that was “What if they don’t arrive until later”, but they were there when the doors opened.

(Remember I haven’t slept, and it’s me)

Five minutes before showtime, the sephora associates have disappeared from the windows (mostly likely for a last check that the store is in order). A wild associate with GORGEOUS hair is tidying her station. Another brings a carton of coffee to the front. I believe that one is mine. Soft RnB echoes through the mall, crooning softly about love or something. I wish they would  play something more up beat, to awaken the heart. It’s 9am on a Sunday, could you just? Oh people are getting excited. Shifting their way to the door now. I’m not worried we are such a small crowd. I imagine more people will arrive closer to ten. Designer sweats spotted with a cardigan and t shirt. Make that two.


It isn’t a mad dash into the store, everyone is walking up the table like in a daze of some kind. I may or may not have gone for the bag first, simply because I bought most of the stuff I wanted online that morning and tried very hard to control myself in the store. (I failed, not the point). The associates were all amazingly helpful and cheerful, even if it I was hitting that delirious, awkward part of being awake for too long. We had a total of 5 brand ambassadors at our store; Stila, Benefit, Clarisonic, and two more. I feel terrible for not writing the information down. I think there was a second person for skin care and I know one had to do with hair care, but to be quite honest I don’t many people who shop at hair care from Sephora or feel I’ve heard a lot about it. The person from Stila, Issac, was super pretty. I adored them. Professional, cheery, and attentive. He was also wearing the make up from the brand which is kind of a must in my head. He did show me the eyebrow felt tip pen, and I think I might go back for it. It looked amazing for drawing in hairs to add depth to eyebrows.

Within a half hour of opening, the store is kind of packed, but everyone is polite to each other and doing their best to keep out of the way while shopping. There were lots of associates in the store today. With the exception of one moment where I waited maybe 20 minutes to get help, there was someone ready to assist at any moment. I got the impression lots of customers were looking for products they saw online, as someone somewhere was constantly checking for stuff in the back. Within an hour, the store is buzzing and I feel it’s from the boss level of service this particular delivers, not necessarily because VIB Rouge is something special. I enjoyed myself and it was a wonderful morning, but next time I think I’ll rest up and think of more ways to translate the experience to you guys. The next event is supposed  (she began hesitantly) in the fall and in the evening. I have not heard good things about that particular event but here’s hoping. By the time we left around 10:30am, there might have been more than 50 people in the store, and then plus staff.

And what about the Rouge Program? I still feel like if you’re waiting for Rouge, keep waiting. It’s almost on par with the VIB tier. While I enjoyed the event today, it didn’t feel Rouge, just a whole lot of people who really like make up getting to shop super early on a Sunday. I would love to let Sephora know what I want from the Rouge program, but I’m pacing myself until I’ve had a full year of the program. So far? Kind of meh.

The Sample Bag:

Black and white forever.

Black and white forever.

It’s one of the bigger bags that Sephora has offered, I can totally use this for holding singleeyeshadows or brushes.

Buxom sample in Pink Lady

Buxom sample in Pink Lady


I have always been curious about Buxom’s lip products, but never really in the mood to spend $20 for a full product. This sample is exactly what I wanted. Yay!

Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs

Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs

Daisy Dream you say? I do like dreams….I was super in love with the original Daisy. That perfume followed me everywhere through high school by being in every magazine that ever existed.

Formula X Nail Polish in "Extreme". Nude's Progenius Omega Treatment milk (top) and Benefit's Puff Off Instant Eye Gel

Formula X Nail Polish in “Extreme”. Nude’s Progenius Omega Treatment milk (top) and Benefit’s Puff Off Instant Eye Gel

There is a slight metallic shine to the red nail polish. I think, once upon time, Formula X had a special VIB Rouge shade and I wonder if this is it? Always wanted to try Benefit’s Puff Off Eye Cream for under your eyes. I haven’t had much success with drugstore end products of the same nature. The Nude Milk Treatment, I know nothing about this product. Milk and Water face products are like a mystery to me.


Caviar Repair X Instant Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner (left) Sheseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate (right)

Speaking of hair care, I was eyeing the Caviar section pretty hard. I don’t really know how I’m supposed to sample these hair products fully without buying the actual product though because it’s such a small amount. The Sheseido line I have heard a great deal about but I’ve never tried it.

wpid-20150413_020936.jpg wpid-20150413_020526.jpg


These are products I asked for and were not included in the original sample pack. I want to get into the Dior line of skincare but it’s expensive. I’m also not really sure what I need, if anything at all, so it’s a slow journey. Starting with sunscreen. The trick to perfect make up is to take care of your skin, religiously, like your life depends on it. That is the most important thing I have learned on this Rouge quest. Skincare first. I honestly don’t remember asking for the Ren cleansing balm, but with the printed label I think it might have been a sample I got at the counter. The Clarins were extras when I picked up the bag. The Caudalie was calling my name, but I couldn’t understand what it wanted of me, so I asked the lovely associate for some samples. She picked them out at random but managed to give me exactly what I wanted to try. *does a little dance of joy*

I really have to start testing the samples soon. I am swimming in them. If you are taking advantaged of the Spring Sale, how are you spoiling yourself? Are you on your own quest for VIB Rouge? Let me know in the comments in below, and “Join the Exploration Party” at the top of this page. For more windows into the strange life, follow me on .

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Don’t be hungry for life. Be ravenous.




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