February’s Black Box Subscription Review

So since we last spoke about this delightful business there has been a huge improvement with Black Box Subscription Boxes. By huge improvement, I definitely feel more satisfied with the quality and quantity of products in my box. I do buy lots of make up (and we have so much to talk about) but goth accessories are kind of nonexistent in my life. Possibly because I don’t wear jewelry that often or know what I really want. I put my trust in the creator of Black Box Subscriptions. Shall we see why?


Here are some business cards tucked away in the wrappings of the box. I actually do like seeing things like this in the boxes because it helps bring people together. In this community, you never know who you’re going to meet.



A lovely purple scarf that could be tied and tucked into a vest or something. It’s also very soft. One of things about these boxes is that they are tailored to your likes and dislikes. The creator is very responsive to your requests. Wait till you see what I got in March.




I’ve never really had a chance to try Physician’s Formula. But I have been wanting to experiment with neutral/natural colors in my otherwise electric makeup. Lashes are always wanted. I think I would like to see skin care stuff in here too. Tiny bottles of hand santizer, lotion, you know things you always mean to buy and then completely forget as you walk out of the store.





I love this dearly. I can never find a choker that fits my little neck, so they usually end up looking like sad necklaces. This I will definitely wear often.



Another thing I was very happy to receive. I don’t know why I like the Ouija Board trend that’s going around so much, but I do. It’s going to go nicely with a sweater I bought recently. I think it’s hard  to tell from the picture but it is made of wood and painted black. No glass in the circle.


I will admit I am a little sad this didn’t come in a pair. It’s hard for me to find skeleton hand barrettes that don’t look overtly cartoony (like the fingers are too round or too short. I like my skeleton hands like I like my people, long and sharp.), or covered in blood or something. However, I am a creative person and I’m sure I will be wearing this frequently as well.





The standard black nail polish that comes in every box, a delightful pair of silver skeleton hand earrings, a filigree ring that actually fits my impossibly thin fingers and a little skeleton sticker. If there is something missing it would be the note that came in, I think, a couple of the previous boxes. I also believe there were themes too, but maybe I missed that information. I’m going to be in and out of town for the next couple years. After March I won’t be reviewing boxes again until July or August. I can’t wait to see where these boxes go, they really have come such a long way.

To get  your own subscription box, head over to Black Box SubscriptionsChoose between a $20 standard box and a $40 deluxe box. Fill out a quick but detailed survey about what you would like to receive in your boxes and voila! You can pay through PayPal or you can earn points

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