RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7

What can I say, I learned to do my makeup from men. So of course I live for RuPaul’s Drag Race. But is it just me or are people a little skeptical about this season will offer. After all, there was little question Bianca del Rio was going to win last season. Season 7 brings with a wide range of queens and today you get to meet them. To watch episode 1 online, click here. To see the episode’s Untucked, click here. Links in bold, darling. Oh and spoilers.

Miss Fame29. Some viewers likened her opening look to Vivacious, but I feel she pulled off the other worldliness better than Vivacious. Form fitting shows off curves, spikes accentuate and lend to her height without overwhelming the look, and those nails are on point. Spring look, nice pairing of the green eyeshadow with the red outfit. Bold all over is my favorite. The fall look though is killing me. I have been slayed. Main stage I was left wanting more…

Ginger Minj29. Sunny, cute, love the hairstyle she chose for this outfit. I am getting Florida from this. Gorgeous spring look, that magenta could have gone sour, but the shade is on it. She knows how to dress herself. Fall look works.  Main stage, it works. Well done.

Jaidynn Diore Fierce, 25. Dress reminds me of Jiggly Caliente. Lots of personality, strong sense of self, she’s in it to win it no question. Spring look, did anyone else clock the black fabric? Fall look, I’m not buying it. I don’t see any seasonal difference between this and the spring look. Main stage, it’s obvious Jaidynn is feeling herself 24/7, she is a strong contender.

Violet Chacki, 22. I love Violet and not just because her name is Violet and they are super cute out of drag. That height, though…Spring look reminds me of haute couture. I don’t love the colors for myself but I do love the look. Fall look, I like the outfit. Main stage: yes.

Max22. I don’t believe Max is 22, because their style is ultra refined. I kind of feel like the social traits of this character are a bit withdrawn. But I feel the relationship between Max and non Max is very strong, if you know what I mean. All the shade being cast after Max’s entrance might be the other queens being intimidated by her. That’s a lot of shade to dish out in the first five minutes when one does not come off as bitchy or cold. Spring look made my heart sing. Fall look gagging. Main stage: dead. Just swoon and die.

Katya32. I don’t know, playing off the cliche of blonde, East European prostitute, doesn’t work for me. And that is a valid statement as she describes herself as “average, run of the mill, Russian, bisexual, transvestite hooker”.  Average is right. Spring look, that is a hard look to pull off but she does. Fall look, risky but it works. Nicely done. Nailed the main stage challenge except for the spreading bit.

Jasmine Masters, 37. Don’t get me wrong, I get drag. But Jasmine’s look feels sloppy to me. I don’t get character and I don’t get woman. I feel like the transition from non drag to drag should be a leap not a step. Charming personality though, very open and friendly. Spring look, I don’t approve of the throwing of garments of any kind on a runway. How dare you…outfit is cute but do you want smiles or gags on the runway? Fall look, of course I love the coat, but the hair needs to be bigger. Much. Much bigger. They really played Jasmine with the explaining of the metamorphosis. Kinda shameful. Main stage: there wasn’t a single part of this I liked. You’re kind of going outside the box so give it your all. Did play up to  the challenge as well as they could.

Mrs. Kasha Davis43. Don’t really have a lot to say about this one from the opening. Spring look very pretty. Fall look, I think one pad is smaller than the other….>.<, at least the dress is to die for. Main stage from what I could see was really good, the shading and highlighting played off nicely.

Trixie Mattel, 24. Alaska has a younger sister? The read in those glances? Love the philosophy though, “other queens say paint for the back row, I paint for the check cashing place down the street.” We can be friends. In  their spring look, they know how to sell a garment with a story. There was a lot of personality there that elevated the look. Same with the fall look. Main stage was perfect for me. Absolutely loved the doll theme.

Kandy Ho28. Needs to learn how to beat a mug. It’s season 7 and she playing worse than Willam’s legendary 5’o clock shadow. No I’ll say it, because I’m really not having it. She acting trout, but she’s serving flounder. Would be nice to see them be nice. I hear it does wonders for the skin. Spring look, painted dark in the line and the waist isn’t flattering. Fall look, reminds me of a Ralph Lauren line I was in love with. However I’m not feeling the sun hat. Oh Kandy, Kandy, Kandy, you have had six seasons to figure out how to thread a needle…Main stage: better than their sewing skills. But where’s the Carmen Carrera body loving I was anticipating?

Pearl23. Didn’t see enough to comment. I would have liked to see more done with the black framing around the jaw. Everything else led towards robotic stepford wife she mentioned. *head tilt* I feel their spring look could make her a sister to Miss Fame and the outfit is fabulous. Someone reached into the shadows and came up a winner. Love the fall look. Main stage, maybe that wistful walk is her runway walk. Didn’t fully play the challenge though.

Kennedy Davenport, 33. Stance is powerful, seems very refined in their style of drag. I gagged on her spring look. And left the room for their fall. It just gave me nothing. Main stage shading could have used work but I liked the Egyptian theme.

Sasha Belle28. Well then. Spring look was cute. Fall look, if they think she is serving lobster I don’t mind. I think this showed a side I didn’t expect from her. Besides I love lobster. Main stage was a fail.

Tempest DuJour, 46. I like Tempest. I don’t know why, but I do. Spring look, I don’t think she contours her face? So her make up feels one dimensional and flat to me. She does have lovely eyes and a jawline that could work in their favor because it’s so noteworthy. The outfit reads lovely peace queen. Feel like they could have done more with the fall look. No tights? Something to brighten up all the black and round shape? Mmkay. As a costume designer is makeup a part of that? I  don’t know how I feel about this… Main stage, resort look was good, the actual challenge not so much.

Bottom two really should have been Sasha Belle and Jasmine Masters, and the look Michelle gave RuPaul, someone was a shantay when they should have sashayed. Wonder what’s happening now?

Watch for yourself and tell me who think is going to be the top three. Until next time, for more musings on how to get it hunty, follow me on FacebookYoutubeTumblrInstagram. And don’t forget to Join the Exploration Party by clicking the link at the top.

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