“This is a Test”

This is a Test: http://youtu.be/O6–GZCP6hU

When all else fails, get ravenous. I left all my art supplies at home and my tripod and I was using that as an excuse to stop me from making things. Fueling the creativity inside has proven to be essential to my happiness so screw it. We’re making everything.

I don’t want to get tangled up in chasing perfection. While it is the end goal, doing is far more important and I love to see the development of myself and others. Moments are not to be thrown away haphazardly because they are ugly or because they are little. Every one has the potential for brilliance and gets us to the places we need to be.

To wishy washy?

Get hungry for more from yourself and get busy. Climb everything, be everything, shatter every barrier and live.

There are people who are going to try and slow you down your whole life. They only win if you let them.

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Dance like no one is watching.


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