On Using Tarot Cards

How do I even start? I have always been fascinated with the endless associations people make to symbols and imagery. They are shared across cultures, at times entirely by accident, and preserved in the way they resonate with us, without any clear reason why. I love tarot cards, especially ones that morph away from or entirely from the traditional imagery and meanings. The only way I could write this is by asking made up questions, if you have more feel free to leave your own. Mind you those questions are written as if though from someone who doesn’t believe in anything remotely like or related to tarot reading.


Zakkarrii, come on, you don’t really believe that stuff do you?

I do and I don’t. I believe in the power that spiritual and religious practices can have on the practitioner or participant. While I don’t outright believe that the drawing of cards with pictures on them can predict your entire future, I do believe in its psychological power. That if I do a reading for you, your mind is going to draw conclusions before I even start, which is good.  It gets the gears turning in ways you might not have initially expected, and coupled with a supernatural element, it inspires you in a way that, say, asking a friend for advice would not. I believe in its power to bring you comfort and strength when positive imagery and symbolism conjure positive feelings, and it’s the same with feelings of dread or doubt. Can it predict the future? I think it presents a possible future and you decide whether or not that is the destination. Throughout readings you, on the asking end, are allowed to question as deeply as you like. If you find something valid or important then it is.


Well then why doesn’t everyone get their own deck and do it themselves? Psychics are just looking to make a quick buck and mess with people. Mind games all of it. 

I don’t believe that is true for every person who has ever done a tarot reading. Tarot cards are a medium, and they hold as much power as you want to give them. That’s why not every deck has the same imagery, the same meanings, and as a result the same interpretation. I imagine that when people go to tarot card readers they have questions in mind, ones that they have tried every other route to answer and came up empty handed. Those people aren’t feeble minded for asking for a new perspective or insight. They choose this medium because something about it resonates with them, sort of in the same way someone might meditate or play football or video games, or watch a movie to shift their perspective (or get a break from beating a dead horse of an idea). Now as for tarot card readers, I would hope that there are more who genuinely want to help people as opposed to rip them off. It kind of takes time to learn everything about tarot because it evolves as much as any other part of our cultures. I imagine it takes a little more to develop a ruse to “sell it” in order to rip people off. If you’re worried about that I say trust your gut.


But surely it’s just like horoscopes and signs from God? It’s not like magic is real.

Well yes. I reason it out in that human beings made these things, and other human beings celebrate or ridicule those same things because they need to. The magic is in how we allow those things to affect us. Surely you have experience making a silent prayer to the universe, and receiving a blessing of some kind. But that doesn’t actually mean in an infallible way that  it was the universe answering your prayer. I say to the godless or faithless people in the room, like myself, sometimes it’s nice to believe in a little magic, to allow ourselves these small breaks from cynicism to boost our moods or to encourage us to keep going. (If it got to the point where say I didn’t do anything without drawing cards first, we might have to look into that a little deeper…) To me, with tarot cards specifically, it’s about the magic you need and draw from the experience for yourself. Feel free to interpret that any way you like.


And the psychology of it?

“Am I really on the path I want to be on?” “Am I becoming the person I want to become?” or “Am I bringing the right people into my life?” are difficult questions when trying to answer off hand. With a layout of cards, it lends an outline. If I say this card represents a man, you have a man in mind, as is the case if I say a woman, or a turtle. The surrounding cards suggest a problem or a change, and you attribute personal information to this. This might lead people to think it doesn’t matter then what associations the reader makes, or what the cards are or any of it for that matter. It may seem like a silly waste of time. I feel that an individual’s life is made up of so many variables and the possibilities of drawing certain cards together in certain positions is so extensive that the odds of something somewhere lining up is higher, not lower.

When I read for myself, it’s usually when I am feeling overwhelmed and am spending most of my time being confused and lost. Reading for me is to ground myself and create some kind of path. It gives me some direction in whether or not things are truly as important as I’m making them out to be, and what I really want to focus on. So basically it’s therapeutic for me.


So you don’t believe in clairvoyance?

I believe there are people who are more sensitive to other people’s emotions and state of mind than other people. High sensitivity to the point of calling it clairvoyance is a tricky thing for me. I always lean towards psychology and logic first, everything else second. So I don’t know whether or not I believe in it. I don’t think I am psychic, if that’s what you’re wondering. But I also don’t write off people who do believe they are clairvoyant without further information, evidence or demonstration.

I think that’s enough. I’m so tired and my poor blog has been thoroughly neglected long enough. What are your thoughts on using tarot cards or other divinatory means? Why do you use the mediums you do and do they have multiple uses or just the one? For more on living the goth life and all the strangeness that goes into it, follow me on FacebookYoutubeTumblrInstagram.

Until next time,

Don’t be hungry for life. Be ravenous.

Z.e. D.

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  1. Lou

    I am actually starting a tarot business and I read professionally now once a week at a local shop. I also make astrological birth charts for people. I definitely believe in all that stuff. 🙂

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