Boscia (Beauty Insider 500 point) Review


In our quest for VIB Rouge, I picked up the 500 point Boscia Black Kit. It includes some fairly decent sized samples, with the exception of a singular pore strip. All the products were actually black, making it a wonderful potential staple in a goth’s skin care kit. I’m comparing Boscia to other brands, particularly in the drugstore end price range and of my own regular skin care. Warning the following contains pictures of my nekky face. Links are italicized. 

Before make up remover wipe.

Before make up remover wipe.

Before I started I took note of my skin’s condition after a long day at work. There were no products on my face other than eye make up and lipstick. My entire face was super oily, nose and cheek region covered in black heads, and on the bottom right side of my face has a weird rough patch (my right, your left).

After makeup remover.

After makeup remover.

My normal skin care routine includes Olay Exfoliating Face Wash, Biore Charcoal Cleanser, Biore pore strips, and Olay Hydrating Gel. Initial expectation of the Boscia products is that it is going to make me feel like the sex.


The first thing I tried was the Detoxifying Cleanser. Advertised as a product that “…heats up on contact with skin to effectively open and de-clog pores. Its gel texture transforms into a gentle and effective lather to dissolve oil and makeup, rinsing away pore-clogging surface debris, impurities, and excess oil. It refines skin texture, brightens skin clarity, and minimizes the look of pores over time.” After use, the eye make up was still on my face, but was certainly easier to remove with a wipe. Totally mattified my little face which I love! Skin was softer but rough patch was still rough as before. Blackheads were a tiny bit less noticeable and the warming action was delightfully warm.


Conclusion: This is a finisher product, not a heavy lifter in my skin care regiment. Closest Competitor: Biore’s Deep Charcoal Cleanser. Z prefers Bosica.


Next up, Boscia pore strips. Biore’s pore strips changed my life, so I’m curious if these will compare. They are thinner than Biore’s and don’t have the notches the ensure a perfect fit around the curves on the nose. Boscia’s strips do have a faint fragrance that is not necessarily unwelcome. I really had to saturate my nose for this one.


The end result was significantly less blackheads, but still too many to warrant a purchase of the full sized package. I feel like this product focused so much on comfort that it came at the cost of efficiency.


Conclusion: If you don’t want blackhead removal to hurt a lot, get it. Closest Competitor: Biore Pore Strips. Z prefers Biore.


Speaking of pain, the third product was the Black Mask. I was looking forward to this product the most because I love to have a sort of spa day once a week. This irritated my eyes so much that I seriously contemplated skipping it altogether. Discomfort lasted as long as it took me to put the mask on and that’s as much as I could do. It’s weird because on Instagram, under #bosciablackmask, I saw people put it a lot closer to their eyes. To be fair though, my eyes are extremely sensitive, so maybe that’s it. A little painful to remove (more painful than the pore strips which is also weird…?) but that was resolved by massaging the skin. Results almost make this worth $34 of pain, as my rough patch was gone completely. Skin was brighter, and smoother all over.


Conclusion: High end results, cost and process debatable. Closest Competitor: Que Bella Masks. Z thinks this one is a tie.


The last product was the Hydrating Gel. This gel is black with a notable amount of bronze gold micro glitter. The product absorbed within 15 minutes, and an hour later I found my naked face to be more attractive looking. However in the under eye area, which is primarily where I use Olay’s Hydrating Gel, I saw little improvement.


Left side no gel Right side with gel

Conclusion: If you don’t have a problem under the eyes and need an all over gel with some shine, get it. Closest Competitor: Olay’s Hydrating Gel. Z prefers….both?

Overall, I think I need to do more trials. I have heard such great things about Boscia and I’m sure the problem is not the products themselves, but what my skin actually needs. I can’t believe that mask bothered my eyes so much though and I’m hoping it was just being tired, or maybe something in my eyes. I feel it’s a great addition to my kit, but not a complete replacement. Have you tried it or any other Boscia products? Leave your comments, raves and rants in the comment section.

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