Year Long Challenges

Oh January 1st, the harbinger of promises, of drive so fresh and unsullied by the dust of day to day life. Whatever shall we do with you? I know… Links are in bold and underlined.

Blog every day. Yep, I’m going to try it. I think I halfassedly made this promise to myself sometime in November, but now, it seems like a thing that could actually be done. Hello, day planner, winking from the bottom of purse, casually hinting at scribbles made weeks before. I see you, and raise you a sense of accomplishment. Bring it.

Take a photo every day. This is more for Instagram, and I don’t know how well I’ll keep this one. I always forget to take a picture and/or post it. But we’ll try.

Exercise weekly. ….Nope. But I will…limit fast food to at most once a week. I try to eat healthier, but ugh time, money, adulthood. I did stop eating fast food for three weeks. It was amazing. I had way more energy and felt more awake. Then I was driving home from work around midnight, a Burger King sign flickered about something new and exciting. My stomach, heavy with the burden of its existence, growled and I….I yielded completely. A double Whopper. With cheese…oh god the cheese. I’m sorry, what were we talking about?

Read a book every week. Yes. Let’s do that forever.

Post a video every week. This one is a little ambitious. I have completely fallen out of the practice of filming videos. I lost my spunk and drive for it, even though I plan and write one almost every other day. Hopefully we hit the ground running.

Those are the ones I’ve been actively been thinking about. But I did find some other interesting ones.

Create Everyday Challenge: I think this is a vague challenge, so run wild with it. There are inspirational themes, and it says it’s supposed to be a low pressure challenge. I prefer to have a specific lists of tasks to complete so I would plan out the challenges I would like to do, but that is just me. Click the title for more information and to see the gallery. You can also participate if you have a blog.

52 Week Money Saving Challenge: I’ve seen this one come up a lot and I guess amongst the sales and the gifts and the everything else, money has been a little tight. While picking up a seasonal job is great, they can fill up fast, so a year long saving challenge is a nice thing to have. It starts with a single dollar and ups a little bit every week. I’ve seen other variations of this, such as switching up the amount of money you put into the savings. So instead of Week 2 being $2, you would put in $52 and next week put in $3. Even if you only do a small amount a week, like a dollar, it’s still $365 at the end of the year. Something to consider.

Green Challenges:  This list features 9 different environmentally friendly challenges. I think the no car one would be the hardest for me. I can’t imagine not having my car…There’s also one that features no plastic. It’s definitely worth a read and picking up a few good habits is never a bad thing.

50 Daily and Weekly Challenges: Is it wrong to post someone else’s list? Jillee at BlogHer, came up with a totally reasonable list of things to do for 2015. It’s possible to do several of these together and I wish I could. I particularly like the charts at the end. Having a chart to verify your participation is useful. I love going through my day planners and seeing how much I’ve done, which only makes me want to do more.

What challenges are you looking forward to starting in 2015? Any goth specific challenges? Besides, the now almost like a rite of goth blogger passage, the “30 Day Goth Challenge”? Whatever you choose to do, I wish you nothing but the best. Make your year be full of bitchin’ badass memories to last a lifetime.

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Until next time,

Don’t be hungry for life. Be ravenous.


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