The Quest for VIB Rouge #2 (The Items)

I am on a mission to build a Sephora Goth kit…or something.

I figured while we’re on this quest, we might as well go over what I bought, because you know how critical I can be of products. Links are in bold. 

Soap & Glory’s Smoothie Body Buttercream- $22

Soap & Glory - Smoothie Star™ Body Buttercream

Totally worth every penny. Scented yes, but if a Lush Cosmetics store is an overwhelming 10, then this product is more like a 3. There is vanilla, which I’ve never been a fan of, but it’s balanced nicely with almond and pistachio. The cream makes my legs and arms feel so soft. I feel like I could run the world. I never wear lotion normally because of that constant stickiness and god help you if it’s cold and takes forever to absorb. This product doesn’t take a long time to absorb and there is no gross sticky feeling if your thighs touch. Would buy again in a heart beat.

Sephora’s Daily Brush Cleaner- $8.50

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Master Cleanse: Daily Brush Cleaner

Made with quick drying water, sandalwood, barley and bark extract and contains no alcohol. I’m still kind of iffy about this product. There are instructions on how to use it, apparently you don’t spray it directly onto the brush… Instead you spray it onto a dry towel or cloth, and gently rub the brush head against it until the dirt is removed. I do like the fact there were different size bottles to choose from. The spray top on mine always gets stuck and I think I remember reading something about that in the reviews. The liquid does clean my brushes wonderfully, so it’s a keeper. But I’m going to probably put this into a different bottle.

Bite Beauty’s Lush Lip Wipes- $12

Bite Beauty - Bite Lush Lip Wipes

I am huge fan of all day, all night extra strength matte lipstick. Sometimes they work too well and refuse to come off even with exfoliating wipes, and extra strength face scrubs. A pack of ten wipes comes in a handy little see through purse with a tiny mirror. The wipes themselves work very well in removing the most determined of lipsticks to go the mile. Black lipstick is no match against this stuff. I can’t remember if I like the smell just a little or a lot, but obviously it’s nothing so harsh it had to be returned. I highly recommend for those who wear dark and/or long lasting lip colors.

Urban Decay’s Subversion Lash Primer- $20

Urban Decay - Subversion Lash Primer

Don’t know how I feel about price yet, but I’ve been waiting to try this product for a long time. I remember they had a little Perversion pack, but I couldn’t be convinced to spend the money then. I do like that there is a real brush here, as opposed to a slightly useless looking, short bristled plastic applicator. I say it’s a little better than Tarte’s Multipleye Lash Primer, but only a little. I believe we’ll have to keep testing until it’s clear how good this product really is. The few times I have used it however, there has been a noticeable improvement in length.

OCC’s Vainly Violet Test Tube Set- $19

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics - Lip Tar MatteTest Tube x 3 Set - Vainly Violet

It’s purple, how could I resist? This is probably the product I obsess over the most at Sephora. Delightful test tube kits, designed specifically for mixing and creatign outrageous shades. I love it. This one comes in a set of three,; primer, Rollergirl and Narcissus. I made a rather nice dark orchid color using Tarred from the Primary Colors Pack. Haven’t used it enough times to really fall in love with the colors in this one, but we shall see.


Nars Train Bleu Matte Lip Crayon $25:

NARS - Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

A rich dark red that is almost the twin of Bite Beauty’s Truffle which isn’t a bad thing. There is a hint blue undertones to this. Damn near impossible to tell the difference between the two colors in medium to low light. Slight difference in direct sunlight and bright light. Product wise found myself reapplying a little too often to warrant such a price tag so it went back.

Sephora’s Bulls Eye Lash Applicator $12:

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Bulls Eye Lash Applicator

Maybe I just don’t know how to work it but I didn’t feel like this product helped me apply lashes significantly better than using my fingers or tweezer. I might try something similar in the future.

Sephora’s MoonShadow Palette in Dark $27:

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Moonshadow Baked Palette - In the Dark

The only colors I really liked from this were the black violet and the black gold. The lighter colors, and we’re going into this understanding lighter colors as a highlight, did not impress. Even with a super strong primer, flat brush, and more than a couple swipes, the color payoff left much to be desired. But remember I’m the kind of person who lives for bright rich colorful make up. This seems like a palette for people looking to experiment with darker looks but not dive in head first. Maybe good for some but not for me.

That’s it for now. Another haul will be arriving shortly, and I promise to do swatches this time. I couldn’t find swatches for a lot of the second batch for some reason. To see what looks I come up with for this haul and other gothically inclined delights, follow me on Facebook,Youtube,Tumblr,Instagram and don’t forget to follow this blog by Joining the Exploration Party.

Until next time,

Don’t be hungry for life. Be ravenous.


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