The Quest for VIB Rouge Status

So I’m super curious about Sephora’s VIB Rouge Insider Status. It’s like the premium one of three, requiring you spend $1000 in order to activate. I honestly don’t know if I would call it “pricey”. If you buy make up frequently, and you shop at Sephora a lot, you’ll hit it within a calender year. I, however, have learned it’s impossible for me to buy make up I won’t actually use (i.e. Naked 1,2, or 3) or spend a fair amount of money in one shopping trip. So I told my siblings and friends to pick out some stuff and that would be their Christmas presents. With the $1000 now slightly less, I’m buying make up I always wanted to try and just never could justify buying. Kind of going in with the approach with building a simple (but pricey, ouch) Goth kit. That post should be up before the end of the year. I hope.

So why covet the Rouge Status? I haven’t found a decent American review (Canada had a lot to say about it though….) that just details the whole thing, as opposed to being more of a promotion for the service. There are some people talking about their opinions, and reference their idea of scale as┬ámake up obsessed and casual fancier but that’s still not good enough for me. (Eye roll, I’m such a diva). I looked at my spending habits since I started shopping at Sephora again and I was definitely going to hit Rouge at some point. I’m just impatient. So we’re going to do it now.

The plan is not to have it for a while, do a little summary and say “well you know…”. I’m going through this like a science experiment. I mean going over how much the “rewards” are really worth, the experience of VIB vs Rouge and reviewing every last thing.

But we need a baseline(?) first.

Hi, I’m Zakkarrii. I’d say I spend close to $50 every other week on make up. I shop pretty much anywhere that carries unique colors and brands, so I’m not looking for neutral palettes or off pink lipsticks. (This will limit my perception of rewards and such from Sephora). I do not buy foundation, concealer, or any other skin colored face product. (So it will irritate me to no end to receive foundation samples in…ugh god, ivory…) I buy mostly eyeshadow and lipstick, but would like more dark blush. Out of five or six shopping trips to Sephora stores, I have received samples only once and then it was just one… I have gotten samples with every online order and when available as promotions got the sample packs as well. (I love that the last two had options for what you were more interested in. So it was possible to not get foundation samples at all in a sample pack. That was amazing.) Oh and I refuse to purchase anything you have to sharpen. I will not have any of that. At all.

That’s enough about me, what about some average, hypothetical person?

According to Sephora, you have to spend $1000 in a calendar year to qualify for VIB Rouge. Let’s say you shop at Sephora every two weeks. You’d have to spend at least $38.46 every trip, before tax and before shipping. Discounts don’t count towards acquiring this status I just found out. So if you get one of those magical coupons for 20% off your purchase and you got $1000 worth of product, you’d still have to spend $200 more to get VIB Rouge. (I think that’s lame, but whatever). Purchasing a gift card doesn’t count toward your status, but it’s unclear pretty much anywhere whether or not using a gift card counts. Will update when I find that out.

I’ll post my findings in the future shortly, but I’m leaning towards…worth it?

Until next time,

Don’t be hungry for life. Be ravenous.


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