OCC Lip Tar Primary Pack Review

Right off the bat I am going to recommend this product to anyone who hasn’t tried OCC Lip Tar products yet. Endless color options using the basics and less than the price of two full sized products. Also comes with a full sized lip brush, which I needed right now. Links in bold.


Your colors to mix and match are NSFWa brilliant true red, RX, a honest blue, Traffic, true yellow, Tarred, black and, Feathered, white. Very basic and rich in terms of color options, which is good.  I was worried the colors would be skewed one way or another, specifically the red and blue. I’m very pleased with the set up here.

Not a true swatch of the red. I got a little carried away and mixed it with a little bit of the black.

Not a true swatch of the red. I got a little carried away and mixed it with a little bit of the black.

With this product and this type of product, it is very easy to mix and blend the colors. I was skeptical at first, because lip tar is known for being a little thick or heavy, but didn’t have any problems with that. It’s the waste of product I’m concerned with. To measure out just enough to cover your lips is a bit of a challenge. It’s easy to use too much. I’m not sure if practice will be enough because I was using the smallest drops I could and still running into extra on my hand. Considering how far and how long lip tar can last, it’s not a massive worry. I’ve decided to use little bead pots, for whatever excess may occur and carry that around in my purse for reapplication.


I like this product so much, I bought a second one. Especially since Tarred is sold out every where right now. I have no idea why. Holiday sales perhaps? This lip tar set certainly makes it harder to justify buying any other lipstick, unless it can’t be created at home. For example, I was going to go out and fight for “Gunner” a limited edition color from MAC. I created a very similar color using Feather, RX, and NSFW. For $29, totally worth the money, no question.

In the coming year I will definitely start doing looks that will mostly feature weird lip colors. This primary color set is going to get quite the work out. To purchase your primary pack, click here: Sephora

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