Z-Palette Prototype DIY

Also known as the hard way. I will do a cleaner version in the near future but this was the prototype of the DIY. Just in case you too have the desire to see how much patience, will power and tape you really have, continue for instructions.

You will need:

-eyeshadow (I found Coastal Scents assembled palettes, NYX and Revlon were the hardest to depot.Urban Decay, Covergirl and Maybelline were the easiest, with Wet n Wild and ELF being a little difficult.)

-old ELF Beauty Books

-clear tape

-12×12 scrap book paper (you will need a total of 6 for full coverage. Mine used 2 for the back, 2 for the inside and 2 for the foam board)

-scissors and a box cutter

-glue, I recommend a glue stick.  (Elmer’s Quick Dry is a lie)

Duration: Took about two hours start to finish.

1. Depot all your eyeshadow first. This is to motivate you to give them a new home.  Or so I tell myself. 


2. You may actually have to depot the ELF Beauty Book Eyeshadow in order to recycle them. The pots are malleable so don’t tear at it like a wild beast (note the cracked eyeshadow in the previous picture…). The easiest way to do this without losing lots of eyeshadow is tear the top 1/3 and the bottom 1/3 off slowly, then gently pressing the eyeshadow down lift the first layer of foam off. The eyeshadow themselves rest on little foam stands. Twist the eyeshadow pot left and right a few times and it should come off easily. Attack the foam pedestals with vigor. Then tape the two beauty books together, front and back.  


3. The cover of our beauty books is getting a new face. Cut one sheet of scrap book paper in half. Place the sides, erm….to the sides with slight overlap so it covers the edges of the beauty book for a nice finish. With the other sheet, place in the center, again trying to get a little overlap on the top and bottom for a smooth finish. 


4. We’re going to create a protective seal for every part. For the cover, I got a little carried away and taped it too tight. Make sure on yours to include just a little give, or the top of the palette will stick up. Use long strips going across the same way throughout the whole thing with just a little overlap in pieces. To avoid bubbling, start with one side and secure it to the underside. Adhere tape to cover about an inch at time, using your finger to smooth out the tape. Secure the other side, repeat. 


5. I actually didn’t have scrapbook paper that went with the other two designs very well, so I used 4×6 gold cardstock. In using cardstock I found it easier to manage the spine of the books by avoiding paper on it entirely. This would have led to bubbling and made me very sad. If you’re using scrap book paper repeat the cover’s layout, just cut to size. Overlap the excess from the front, so the inside paper is on top and gives it a clean look. 


6. With more clear tape, we’re going to seal the inside design. With this step, place the edge of the tape just before the edge of the beauty book. You don’t need to place tape on the spine. 


7. With your lovely piece of foam board, and cut out a rectangle a little smaller than the inside design and the outline of a rectangle that will be the protective frame for the eyeshadow. Wrap your scrapbook around the foamboard pieces, again overlapping the edge for finish. For the frame, I wrapped the long pieces first, then cut a  rectangle piece to cover the shorter edges entirely. Taped the outermost edge first, cut along the fold of the excess, tucked one piece under and folded the remaining piece on the ugly side (bottom).  For the inside of the frame, I cut notches parallel to the long pieces, wrapped the big pieces under and taped the all the edges down. 


8. Using glue (preferably strong glue) stick your decorated foamboard to the book. Close the book and place something heavy on top. Make yourself tea or coffee and a snack. 


9. Now you may have noticed there is no magnetic sheet in this DIY. I decided not to use it for the prototype because it was really expensive for a trial run and most of the pots were not magnetic. I ended using double sided tape, which is strong enough to hold the eyeshadow in place and temporary enough so I can switch out eyeshadows later. 


10. Bask in the glory of your patience and determination. 


It might be a little while before I make a serious version of this DIYm but in case you can’t wait, and have some free time on your hands, this should suffice. For more strange projects in cutting down the clutter, follow this blog by Joining the Exploration Party. For more inside living the goth life, follow me on Facebook,Youtube,Tumblr,Instagram. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway ending on December 25th, 2014 for a make up haul for all your dark side looks. Enter here: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/2c3575bd2/

Until next time,

Don’t be hungry for life. Be ravenous.


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