Review of Kamry K1000 E-Pipe and ECBlends Flavors

In case you didn’t know, I am a smoker. Up until about two months ago I would smoke about 10 a day, and due to a very stressful environment it quickly jumped up to a pack (that’s 20 cigarettes day!!). Something had to change because before this I could never imagine smoking that much. Most of the alternatives were completely useless to me, most being standard pens, disposable ecigs, and smoking lights. Recently I purchased a mini haul of vaping goodies from and and the combination of the two have already been useful in cutting back. It’s wonderful.

Kamry K1000 E-Pipe:


K100 body with EGO Tank.


This lovely piece is about $60 from SmokTek. It comes with drip pipe, an atomizer tank (an X6 V2 to be exact), two rechargeable batteries, a charger, case and certificate of authenticity. There are knock offs for half the price, but I don’t trust any of them for a heartbeat. Especially with awful people trying to swindle you out of every penny you have, hebleh. I trust Smoktek and they are ridiculously helpful at answering any questions you may have. The pipe is a mechanical mod, and the reason I bought it was because it’s insanely natural feel. Using the standard vapor pens was immensely unsatisfying because it didn’t really simulate that feel of holding a cigarette. (Holding it between thumb and forefinger, with a dinky little button was just…disappointing). It’s a solid weight, can be used with an adapter to use with non 510 threaded tanks, (the ones below are EGO tanks) and there is an audible click when you press the button to use it. The tank it comes with is okay. I had problems with it leaking which is why it isn’t pictured here.  I would say 5 out of 10 reviews I read switched out the tank for something else. Battery wise, I haven’t had the same problems as other people with the battery, but I did purchase an Efest replacement when I bought my kit just in case. 8 out of 10 reviews switched out the battery too. I wouldn’t, however, go as far to say what you’re paying is the mod itself. It’s a decent set up for $60 and it is so satisfying to use. I have no problems carrying it around with me and using it as regularly as I would smoke a normal cigarette.

SmokEJuice in Earl Grey Tea:


I was really surprised by this flavor. I honestly cannot stand sweet fruity ejuice flavors at all on any level. While this one does have notes of peach and citrus, it’s not the defining flavor and isn’t overpowering. It’s mellow and relaxing and tastes more on the savory side of sweet. The PG/VG ratio is 40/60, with a decent vapor and nice throat hit. It’s so satisfying I didn’t feel the need to reach for another cigarette for a while.

ECBlends Flavors:

ECBlends Juice

ECBlends Juice

I bought six flavors.

Lavender: I got this one with extra flavor because I love lavender flavored things. This is slightly disappointing. It doesn’t taste like the lavender I expected. It tastes more like floral cotton candy. I’m so sad, because this was my dream come true flavor and I’m not sure how to remedy this. Hmm…

Worcestershire Sauce: This is wonderful. So flavorful, and savory. This is a close second favorite, and I love it dearly.

Rose Tobacco:  The rose is definitely the dominant taste here, but there is that underlying pepper taste for the tobacco. It’s nice to sample but because of the pepper I don’t think I would get this flavor again. Might get the rose by itself though.

Mystery: It’s not abundantly sweet, but there is sweetness to it. I don’t think they were very specific in what was in it, but it was in the tobacco section when I found it. I like it. It’s a pleasant mystery.

Absinthe: There is a black licorice flavor of course, but it tastes like absinthe, and nice absinthe if you let it saturate properly. While I do like absinthe flavored things, it was more of a fun sample that a consistent purchase for me.

Violet: I normally don’t like violet flavored things, but this was richer in flavor than the lavender and less bitter than I expected. It’s a mellow flavor for sure.

All of the juice except Worcestershire Sauce (50/50) was 40 PG/ 60 VG, so maybe that affected the flavor a lot more than I thought it would, because the Worcestershire was spot the biscuit on. I am really sad about the Lavender though. I was so ready for it…. Hmm…

All in all this vapor haul was really good. I think I got my money’s worth with just a few tiny hiccups. For more explorations through the journey through this strange life, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Tumblr. Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog by Joining the Exploration Party. Also enter the giveaway for more delightful goodies.

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