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I normally don’t find things I like in Sephora. Spending $50 for a palette with one color you really want but wouldn’t use anything else is a waste of money to me. But patience has rewarded me, because a coupon came out and there was new stuff (to me) and I couldn’t resist.

Urban Decay “The Electric Palette”-



From left to right first row: Revolt, Gonzo, Slowburn, Savage, Fringe; second row: Chaos, Jilted, Urban, Freak, Thrash

I came here for “Urban”, that gorgeous purple that is almost impossible to dupe (or buy by itself) but I’m staying for a few of the others. Big question first: Is it worth the money? I’d say yes. If you want a convenient palette for truly bright colors that deliver, are a fan of Urban Decay or, if you’re more like me, haven’t felt moved to buy eyeshadow from them before, and can’t stand neutral palettes, it’s worth the money. What you see in the palette is what you’re going to get. It blends easily into other colors, and it’s got some mighty staying power. I would still suggest some kind of primer to help it last through whatever requires you getting your electric bad self dolled up. Only thing I’m not feeling about this is the silver shadow “Revolt”. It definitely seems more like a highlight, gentle shimmer shadow. Still not convinced and want to dupe it? I found two great articles on possible Sugar Pill dupes and an excellent extended dupe list.

Tokyo Milk “Yesterday”-


The thing I’ve always loved about Tokyo Milk is their ability to capture moments as perfume. It isn’t just a fragrance, it’s the anticipation of everything to come and everything that has been. Okay I may be exaggerating, but this is my favorite scent in their Fate and Fortune collection. It lives up to its name and description.

Their description- Take a midnight walk through a garden in bloom with this whimsical, floral fragrance. Notes of freshly budding wild rose and sweet linden lead the senses to the comforts of soft vanilla and warm wood. Glide this fragrant temptation across your pulse points and envelop your senses in the lush aroma of Yesterday: a dark evening, thick with stolen memories.  

Kat von D Studded Lipstick in “Poe”-


I didn’t think I would like this. “Navy lipstick, you say? Did you mean ‘off black’?” were my first thoughts, especially after seeing pictures of it online. But you’re never sure how you feel about a product until you buy it for yourself…

I love the color, question the quality.

It takes a few more strokes to build up the color compared to other lipsticks of the same price. It’s matte, which I love, but it’s lasting power leaves a little to be desired. Normally I don’t have to reapply my higher end matte lipcolors, with this twice in a six hour night. Using a primer doesn’t seem to make that much of a difference, so I’m on the side that you don’t need one with this. Color wise it is navy, with a slight purple tint/undertone, with red gold shimmer that doesn’t overwhelm the product. I’m willing to let that purple part go because of bias. Buy it if you love the color that is so far one-of-a-kind.

Makeup Forever Blush “92”-

I got my hands on the legendary purple eyeshadow and damn. I believe it’s been discontinued but don’t quote me on that. It is however pretty hard to find. I’m including it here because they do sell Makeup Forever at Sephora and my experience with this product makes me want to buy more. It’s…oh, it’s damn good quality and totally worth the money. Pigment is on point, in this and other shadows I sampled. They have a deal going on now at Sephora that I would jump on if I were you. I would almost be so bold to say this is definition of what I expect from eyeshadow. Get it. Use it. Live it.

Sephora Eyeshadow Single “Full Moon Romance”-


A solid dark purple, that upon second glance reminds me of Poe. You do need a primer to get the full effect. It has a slight shimmer but no glitter flecks, and blends well with other shadows. I use this with “Fringe” or “Urban”  to darken the crease. It matches its name, and I find it to be a romantic color. Worth it.

Bite Matte Creme Lip Crayon in “Truffle”-


More burgundy than OCC’s “Black Dahlia”, this dark red is a real find. It fades a little throughout the day, and while the color lightens it’s not going to be a horribly noticeable problem if you don’t reapply it. It reminds of Nightmoth from MAC, which I almost caved and bought, but thank god someone posted a picture on Instagram. (I refuse to use any makeup products you have to sharpen. Such a waste of product. Grumble grumble.) Hmm, buying wise? If you’re willing to spend $18 on OCC, you have to at least try it. II find it to be the casual version of Black Dahlia. Me, I like them both equally.

Returned: Kat von D Butterfly Palette in Chrysalis-

Image by

I tried really hard to like this palette. It seems so goth in springtime to me, but there’s just one too many problems to justify the purchase and that’s with the freaking coupon. Packaging was the only real saving grace, and the more I looked at the more I realized that’s probably why I bought it. Shame it was made of heavy cardboard and not plastic because I actually might have kept it then. Product wise ooof. Let’s start with color selection. Beautifully named, not terribly interesting. The only colors I really liked were “Hybrid Moments”, “Black Milk” and “Entombed”, but three colors does not a purchase make. I like it when brands produce a neutral palette and weird palette and I know Kat von D was going for a more warm versus cold approach which worked, but I’m not sold. You can easily find dupes for a lot of these. And while they aren’t exact dupes, I holding up Maybelline “The Smokes” Palette against this one for color choice. It’s in that range. Quality. Extremely chalky, several reviews mentioned this making them feel like they were wasting product. I’ll give you that there’s going to be a little chalkiness to every powder thing you use, but even being gentle and swiping once, it became an awkward tango that still required me to tap the brush for excess. Appears different on people then it looks in the palette. Blends well with other colors, but not with itself. As far as transforming colors go, get something else. Purchase potential? If you like Kat von D, whose stuff is sort of limited edition, get it. It’s a solid palette for a beginning goth kid who wants high end make up and all the colors in their favor with a dash of neutral. I’m just left feeling meh.

Overall, I’m pleased with my purchase. I feel awful for not talking about the huge Halloween make up haul I’ve been doing over the season, because there were some really great things. I might just do it anyway and see if it helps anyone. To see these products in action follow me on Facebook,Youtube, Tumblr,Instagram and don’t forget to Join the Exploration Party.

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