The Plan is as Follows…

My goodness, time got away from me there. How are you? Did you miss me? Are you excited for the end of the year giveaway? I’ve been okay. There was some bullshit lull there for awhile, but we’re out of that now. Now that we’re all caught up. Seeing as it is almost November, it seems I’m going to have to be a little aggressive. Yes, that means a post a day, or more likely multiple. I can’t control it any longer. The blog bug has bitten be and the only cure is submission. I also want to update you lovely people, so you can change when you get notices from me, so it doesn’t bother you too much. Learn how to do that here.

So it’s the topic that is going to be daily is the Runway Review. There’s hardly a moment when I’m not thinking about fashion and there are so many beautiful shows to cover and share with you all. I know, I know, I could just do two separate blogs but there are so many reasons why I’m not going to. One, I don’t wanna. Two, this blog’s primary focus is about living the goth life. Obsessing about fashion is a part of (this) goth life, so it stands to reason I must post about fashion here. Three, it’s just easier. Runway shows stay with me in weird way, they bleed into a lot of other aspects of my life. I’m not strong enough to fight it. I don’t imagine it will stay this way forever (posting daily runway shows), but there are so many and I am in a race against time after all.

Then there’s everything else. Trying to space out what I want to write about is causing me to be overwhelmed with possibility and trying to schedule everything is…impossible. So while I’ll post on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, I may very well post on the other days too. It’s going to get either very weird or very real or both, and I’m a little tired from holding back. I missed you guys.

Regular scheduled programming will return on November 1st. But if you absolutely cannot wait to get a daily dose of me, you can follow me on Facebook,Youtube, Tumblr,Instagram, and don’t forget to follow this blog by Joining the Exploration Party. Oh and new coffin boxes (which will be released all year round) are coming later today at The Dream Lounge (my Etsy store). But what’s one thing you absolutely are dying to see a post about?

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