Runway Review: Betsey Johnson Spring 2015 RTW

I normally don’t go for Ready to Wear, but I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Betsey Johnson. I don’t know how we’re going to get through all the magic that is Fashion Week, but I’m sure we’ll find a way. I think would rather break the schedule, and go through say Fall 2014 (that were on the runway last year) and do them in Fall 2014. My focus is giving people ideas for their own wardrobes and less with being on time with the trends. So while I will be going through and drafting some reviews from Fashion Week, I will be publishing the season current (unless it’s like orgasmically necessary we talk about something else). Pictures came from here. You can also watch the video here. I do make several references to it.

1. I wasn’t impressed with this and I may be biased because I don’t like things (t-shirts) that need another person to work (couple jokes). But the back of the jackets saying “pre” “nup” is cute (and also all over the show) and a white jacket with black clothing is a favorite of mine, so I change my mind, I like it.



2. Now from the last runway review, you know I don’t personally like sparkly and loose, but I like this. Possibly because of the way she is walking, like owning that ensemble. I love the way the model on the left is just letting the dress bounce with the fringe and the feather bolero is making it for me. (I secretly want a poofy something to drape around my shoulders…) I’d wear all of this.

3. Is it wrong to want bounce in ruffles? Because I firmly believe it should always be a thing, unless the ruffles are long in which case, flow. I wouldn’t wear this, but I do like the color and the shine is fun not overbearing.

4. Look at the sway of this dress! Swan Princess ballroom magic I have always wanted in my life. The model is hot btw. I kind of want a little more accent on the waistline, but hey that’s just me. It’s hitting hard on perfect.

5. I was looking at this dress in the thumbnails, and it’s something I would wear. Mostly for the style and hoping it comes in greenish shades. The pinks go really well together and with fabric like this a little shine to the details is good.

6. Would wear this in a heartbeat, please come in black. I don’t even know where to start.

7. Lingerie pieces, love the bottoms, not crazy about the top. Love the skirt on top of it all, particularly the length.

8. It looks fun and in comparison to the previous I might like this more because it is one piece. The shoes make it. Who doesn’t love a good poof?

9. I take it back. I don’t want poofs on my tits, and I like the previous more, form fitting?

10.  Fun for the show? Yes. Would I wear it? No.

11. At first glance it seemed like you needed the necklace to make this work, but then I was kind of loving this dress. I like the gathering over the breasts, the pinch as the garment comes up and how it’s just slightly off the shoulders.

12. Skipped.



13. Something purple! I love it. Nothing more needs to be said. Well okay…. long sleeve, sheer but I have a dress I could wear under this, I love the little buttons going down the back, length is close to what I prefer, and the skirt fans out a little with a spin.

14. Living for the skirt and the giant bows, don’t like the cutaway that starts on the torso. It just seems a little off to my eyes.

15. This is adorable. “Another era” Alice dress.

16. So you might have noticed I skipped 12 and the texture of this dress is why. I would have preferred 12 look like this. Lots of detail in the material but not too much. To me this dress is sexy.



17. Playful flower child of today. I like how it’s designed with a dropped waist instead of just falling straight.

18. Would have liked to see this fall a little more away from the body, but I’m digging emboried flowers on sheer material.

19. Skipped.

20. I don’t even…

21. Stop everything. Who is he and how do I become friends with him? You cannot do a little two step boogie on a runway at fashion week and not be my friend. I enjoy see through jackets, but not pants. This one has too much shine for my tastes, though I do like the colors of it.

22. I think this is supposed to be a play of nude colored fabric. I do like the concept but wish the details didn’t abruptly pause dead center when the model walked. (The circle in the middle of the body is really noticeable when the dress moves…)

23. Mine. All about this.

24. POOF!

25. Candy like in color, but left me a little sour. Just wanted to use that. What i meant was I don’t enjoy the multicolored, almost rainbow pieces.

26. Skipped.

27. This is really nice. It’s clean through and through. I can’t put my finger on it, but I like it.

28. Love. Pretty much all the sheer madness with minimal details will be mine one way or another.(She said optimistically.)

29. I like the play with shape here, but it doesn’t sing. I think I want more of conversation with the curves.



30. Mine.

31. Can we talk about the walk though? If your thighs don’t jiggle from the thunder of yes you aren’t strutting. I’m trying to imagine this with a skirt (maybe the long one from 7?) And then it works for me, but by itself…am I wrong in thinking playboy bunny? With a bite? And a dash of 90s from the model?

32. The pleating on the back is the only thing I like about this. I like that it’s white too and it works of course, but I only feel for the pleat.

33. It’s the combination of the parts that works for e. If I look at it in separate sections; shoulders, waist, etc, it doesn’t say anything. You have to take it all in and then this is what a party dress looks like.



34. I think the one thing you don’t want to happen at your show is the dress sleeve poof tears off the dress. But if I’m being honest I like it way more without the sleeves.

All in all, I loved this show. It’s a fun favorite and shows the difference a bounce in your step can make while wearing something. What did you love to death or absolutely couldn’t understand? Post your comments below and recommendations for the next runway review.

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