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Once upon a time, there was a girl who could not sleep and a bit of an obsession with all things purple. Late one night, the girl was exploring the deep catacombs of the make up side of the Internet, trying to find the lipstick that would give her life. After hours of searching and feeling quite defeated, she came upon a strange purple product. It was unlike any other product she had ever seen. Immediately she knew what she had to do, and promptly lost her mind over Pagan and Technopagan from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. 

Before we dive into the meat of things, I should say what products I use with the lip tar. Rimmel’s Transparent Lip Liner, which is truly transparent, and works wonders against the lip tar’s tendency to get a little ambitious in the conquering of your face. Cargo HD Lip Primer, a product that is comparable to what Urban Decay used to produce years and years ago. With these two products and the magic of lip tar, it’s not going anywhere. I wore Pagan all day (noon to midnight) and did not have to touch it up once. Because these products can sometimes make the lips look very matte, I use Wet n Wild’s “Through the Looking Glass” lip gel over it just to bring back a little shine. 


(yes that is a bat plate, and I have named him Bram)

Pagan is a blackened purple and oh my god we have so much to say about this. In comparison to other dark purples out on the market, this is the best one by far. It is actually purple, not a dark plum, not that weird auburn, burgundy, borrowed a grape from the dark side of the vine, purple, but an actual swear to god dark purple. I personally am not a fan of MAC’s “Cyber” (not swatched) or Wet n Wild’s “Vamp it Up”, and my love for Revlon “Va Va Violet” and NYX “Transylvania”  was perhaps a bit conditional due to the absence of the OCC “Pagan” from my life. It’s the purple twin sister to “Black Dahlia” for sure.



(Mixed with white lipstick to bring out the purple more. Pagan’s purple is much brighter than the others. 

I did notice something weird about this color in different lights and I’m going to try and explain this simply. In white light you’re more likely to say “Wow that purple is dark” and in yellow light “Wow that is a dark purple”. (Emphasis placed on the order of the words). In sunlight it looks like the lovechild of the two but it is the reason why I won’t be wearing it every single day. I lean more towards bright colors than dark colors. As for uses in my life, I can obviously wear it by itself or mix it with some of my other purples instead of using black. It has the potential to be a repeat purchase, but not set in stone. 




Technopagan is a blackened purple with blue pearl and also my favorite shade of purple. I swatched it with Coloured Raine’s Arabian Night and Dragenista, NYX’s Violet and Lavender for comparison. (I know there are other purples out there, one in particular I struggle to get my hands on Melt’s “By Starlight” [which is in stock at the moment, but I mean…that’s now Technopagan money we’re talking about…] but those other purples tend to be the cousins, if not siblings to Arabian Night).


Technopagan is more of eye gouging color. It’s bright baby, and when you wear, if I may be so bold to recommend, you carry it with a little yes in your step or it will steal the spotlight. I did notice a little bit of drying of the lips (without primer) that some other people mentioned. It’s not extreme enough to be a deal breaker though, especially not with the excellence of the product overall. Look wise, this is really an every day color for me (bury me in this), so I would wear it with anything and everything. I would be very interested to see other people’s ideas with it though. Already purchased more the second I tried it on, so thank god it is a permanent color. 



Overall: I was not familiar with OCC before this, but I think we’re about to become lovers. It’s definitely worth the money and I don’t feel that way about all my make up. Can I get this shipped to me regularly? I am about to run through Technopagan so fast, I can’t even explain….

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