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Oh being a goth on the go, how do you even start? I use a lot of make up when I’m home and can have all the time in the world to ponder colors and angles. But when I travel, I bring a fraction of that with me. I’m usually going to see family, so I can’t be spending two or three hours on make up. We got to go, we have townspeople to alarm, and cookies to eat. What to bring though…

At most I want to spend 15 minutes on my make up when I’m traveling. That means practice is key and my stuff has to be versatile (I have to have the option to look like my normal goth self and “normal”) and/or small. Packed in a rush, so in the eyeshadow there is a doubling up of color in some cases. But it all fits and I lose things….so….


London Coastal Scents Palette- This was how I got into Coastal Scents actually. The eyeshadow is last a decent amount of time, although in these palettes with the satin (as opposed to matte shades) it doesn’t last well into the night. 

Revlon ColorStay Shadowlinks- I’ve mentioned these in possibly every haul I’ve done so far. I have had to chance to really test them out and they are wonderful. I love the fact you can create your own palette. Long lasting and easy to work with. 

Revlon Custom Eyes Palette- I bought this after watching Only Lovers Left Alive and briefly getting into some weird vampy bohemian look. (I also bought a leather jacket, which I love.) The colors differ slightly from the Shadowlinks, the green is a bit more green than Khaki, and the plum has flecks of gold in it like the love child of Eggplant and Plum. 

Covergirl Quad Eyeshadow in “” and “Mirror, Mirror”- Let’s be honest. I bought Mirror Mirror because I was trying to introduce some lighter colors into my Wonderland style. At first I laughed at the three shades of silver, thinking I’m really just paying for the green, but I do find myself using them for different looks. I haven’t had a chance to try the purples yet, but we know that won’t be too hard. As long lasting as the Coastal Scents palette. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Face Primer- I don’t normally bring foundation with me on trips but this product has consistently given the appearance of wearing a light foundation. I use this under a moisturizer. 

Garnier 5 Second Blur- I believe this is the most expensive product in my kit, but it makes my face feel sexy. It is essential. 

Revlon Nail Polish “Wild Violets”- My go to nail color when I have no idea what I will be wearing or in the mood for. It’s my absolute favorite nail polish and it smells like violets when it dries. 

Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow in “Dramatic Black” and “Vintage Plum”- These have become my “no time to think about it” look. Long lasting like a boss, easy to work with (but doesn’t work well with primer, but works like a primer in itself) and can be dramatic or normal. 

Lancome Eyeshadow Single in “”- This is my comfort eyeshadow. I feel like a queen when I wear it and just looking at it makes me happy. This is a damn good eyeshadow all across the board. (Zeph, dear, I had planned to bring more of the stuff you sent me but I is procrastinate.) 

Maybelline Single Eyeshadow in “Turquoise Sea”- I can’t deal with this color. I saw it and had to have it. It just completes all the dark blue, green parts of me I didn’t even know I had. I need to give it another go before I talk about it terms of quality, but I remember being very happy I bought two.

Sonia Kashuk Eyeshadow Primer- Essential. 


Lipstick from Left to Right- 

Wet n’ Wild “Black Orchid”- Dark enough for my soul, normal enough to be…err.. normal. 

Flower “Black Rose”- Discontinued. I have spent the last six months trying to find more of it or anything that comes close to it. It has been an uphill battle as it is my second favorite. 

Cargo HD Lip Primer- For the lipstick wearer that does every damn thing and has no free time to reapply. A really nice thing about this is that it helps oily lipstick (Black Heart I’m looking at you) actually stay on your face. 

Wet n’ Wild “Pagan Angel”- My one true matte black lipstick I will never stop buying. 

Revlon “Va Va Violet” – Dark purple.

Rimmel “Dusty Rose”- An attempt to buy normal shades of lipstick, this was 50% at CVS if there’s still some and you want to get it. Haven’t had a chance to try it yet. 

Coloured Raine “Arabian Night Matte”- MY FAVORITE OF ALL TIME. Sorry, I get carried away with this one. 

Wet n’ Wild “Through the Looking Glass”- No explanation needed. I mean really. 

Burt’s Bees “Hydrating” Lip Balm- Because my lips are where cake goes. (Are you paying attention?) 

NYC Eyelash Curler- I’m trying to see if curling my lashes is worth it. I normally don’t. 

Rimmel Rockin’ Curves Mascara- I love this more than Lancome. I know, I know, I still have to try their new one. But this one makes buying other mascara really really hard. 

Rimmel Gel Eyeliner- Essential. 

Ulta’s White Eyeliner- For when I officially give up on looking normal. In 3….2….1….

Rimmel Black Eyeliner- For when I realize I’m the only goth on this trip….line the bottom, from 8am to 8am, wing it out forever. 

Sonia Kashuk Brushes- These are from a larger set, that is now like impossible to find except for online. I’ve always wanted her brushes and for the 15th anniversary…they were in purple…I. LOVE. IT. 

The last two are from a different set. The eyeshadow brushes definitely focus on blending and smudging, and are (I don’t know what the word is…) plush? These last two are firm for when I need it to go one spot and one spot only. (Which is not to say I don’t love the Sonia Kashuck brushes, she does make other ones, but speaking specifically about this set…) 

That’s it. That’s my survival kit for the next week. I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing two make up looks a day. Looking normal, going back to myself, you know how it is. Follow me on Instagram to see, as well as, Facebook, Youtube, and Tumblr. Oh and Join the Exploration Party (there’s something special coming up for the holidays around Halloween, you won’t want to miss). 

Until next time, 


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