Jean Paul Gaultier Fall Winter 2015 Couture

I live for couture runway shows and since a lot of designers are (or continuing to do so) using goth-esque style in their fall winter shoes, I thought it was time to share that love with you. Jean Paul Gauliter’s show screamed to be the first, bcause 1) Conchita Wurst, and 2) there’s so much variety in this show. You can watch the video here and check out the individual photos here. These are of course my opinions as I were shopping for myself. What doesn’t make my heart stop completely might be the dream outfit you didn’t even know you wanted. Leave your own thoughts, wants, and passes, in the comments. 

01- Love the shoulders, not overtly crazy about the simplicity, but that’s because I live for the overdone, over the top look for myself. I want to wear my hair like that forever. **Looking in the picture there’s more to this than I originally thought. I would definitely wear it now. Tight fitted waist is my everything. There’s more detail to the shoulders than I saw in the video. it’s exquisite. 

02- I like the doll look. i’m not crazy about it. The pleating on the front is nice, but I would love something else to break it up. 



03- There isn’t a single thing I don’t like about this. From the high waisted leather skirt, to the details on the shirt. Side panels of thin stripes, the ruffles that cascade down instead of steal the show, and the collar with just a hint of skin showing. Hi, where can I buy this because I would wear it forever. and I’m going to need those gloves. They are a perfect touch.

04- I wouldn’t want this for myself, but the details on it are amazing. Couture is hand stitched you know. Anytime time I see detail like that it takes my breath away. 



05- There will always be a place in my closet for the one piece business suit. The transition from shoulder to body is in the exact spot it needs to be. I love how it falls over the chest and lines up with the darts. i will confess the pockets are throwing me a little, but that’s my personal rage against fake pockets. I’m glad it even has pockets. 

06- I love how the jacket fits. I love that it comes with it’s own mane, which frames the face nicely. But it would rival my own poof, and I can’t have that. I’m really curious about the pants and the shirt underneath though. 

07- All about the white sleeves, so I guess I’ll be shopping for things like that…I can’t do see through to the chest pieces though. I like this outfit, but it’s not my one true love. 

08- The silk scarf hood thing is recurring in this show, and I do like that. What I’m kind of no about is the sporty look of it. Comfortable. The slacks however are probably my favorite. I like how they fall away from the fitted waist and the legs don’t hug the body. 



09- This is one of the few jackets I would wear from this show and I kind of think it might be the white shirt underneath that makes it work for me. Even though I don’t like my chest to be exposed at all, I would wear this. I can already tell (If by some miracle it was mine) I would feel sexy in this. And would definitely wear those pants to threads. 

10- Can I just say I’m not crazy about this and then move on? Metallic pinstripe has never been my thing. I see it and it’s an immediate turn off.

11- I love this dress. I see why they have the black leather…arm warmers (I’m sorry, but they aren’t gloves damn it). Both the arm bits (that’s not better is it) and the dress are perfect. I would wear them both, just not together. The dress is definitely more towards my forgotten doll, haunting the manor side. 



12-  Bitch stole my poof! Just kidding. But between this dress and the previous one, I would wear this more. There’s more in the mix of materials here. It is my perfect goth Christmas dress.  I like the pleats here because they aren’t just vertical. They suggest shape that goes with the bottom of the skirt of the dress. 

13- This look is so sexy I had to take a smoke break. It’s classic, it’s too much for me to handle. i don’t even know what to say about it because it is flawless. 

14- I will never approve of draw string waist anything. It looks comfy casual and ruins this for me. If it had just been a zipper on the front I would’ve been okay with it. The color is nice, what it suggests to me isn’t. 

15- I like it but the waist, the lace (I’m clumsy it would never work), and the pants. It’s just not striking that cord with me. The top with hood underneath however, hi what’s your name?

16- Skip.

17- I like the pieces of the ensemble, but I kind of wouldn’t wear them together. It’s so bright, and the pattern can look super busy. Any of them with simple black something and i would love it dearly. Also the mask. I’m a sucker for masks.

18- Skip

19- Skip.

20- The jacket yes, all day every day. Shame it’s not purple, but I understand. *dramatic sigh*. The dress not so much, i think you’d have to be a particular shape to get that line across the chest to be flattering. I’m living for the jacket though. Have I told you how much I like the jacket? 



21- I’ll tell you what I really think. I think the vest layer should end a little before the shoulder. I find that shade of gray to look a little weird with the bright red skirt and I want that top because it’s definitely my thing. 

22- Another perfect outfit. I’m usually uncomfortable about the draping business. i’m a clean lines, fitted to the body kind of girl. But this, it’s flattering done the hem line. Everything about this look works. 

23- Skip.

24- Skip.

25- For some reason I love the back of this. That does it for me, but the front. I feel like there should be more red in the skirt? This is also a work of art by the way. God the effort that must have gone into this. 

26- Skip



27- You can’t imagine yourself wearing this and not feel like a queen, and the way the model walked out was exactly how i would walk in this. Excuse me, coming through, you’re all unworthy. I look forward to wearing something like this one day. 

28- Skip

29-i don’t like this. The waist is weird to me, a hybrid between that over the waist band look, and fitted. I’d prefer the slit up the front to be rounded.

30- I just think yay when I see this. It’s clean, it’s the standard of fabulous suit. i especially dig the pocket chain and if there is a main closure, it’s hidden. And there’s chains on the pants, aww I love it.

31- I’m enjoying the model’s attitude in the photo. Like she belongs in clothes like this. The straight line across the collarbone with the long gold fringe, I didn’t even know I could like fringe but this works. 



32- This dress is a culmination of things I liked from the last set of looks. I would wear it in a heartbeat. 

33- I’m digging the sharp contrast, the stark white, that blackest black. I like how the lines are at an angle and the gold detail adds another level to the dress. 

34- Skip

35- Skip

36- i just wept openly about that coat. Just tears on my keyboard…. I believe this is asymmetrical which I normally don’t go for. This show is opening my eyes to a lot of new fun things.  

37- This dress is sexy to me. The cut is just right, the details are in the back with white shells around the edge and lower back. I’d be really interested to see it out at an event. 

38- Skip

39- Throughout this show I haven’t been crazy about the circle collar business. But I do think it works on this dress. I also like the white layers underneath. Very nice. 

40- Skip

41- Skip

42- Would wear all the time. I like the cut, the length, the hood, why aren’t there more long dresses with hoods (…in my price range, *sigh*) and the studded top is amazing. Possibly crystal sewn to a sheer material. I like it. 

43- The big skirt is everything especially with the chain detail in different sizes. Black and gold is just magical to me. I also like how the jacket isn’t too loose or cut low. 

44- Can we admire how the design slightly connects from the pants to the jacket? Every detail fits in its proper place without being too much of any one thing. Though the bright gold might not be everyone’s thing, if it’s done like this it certainly is mine.

45- Loving the transition of color. It’s a beautiful dress.



46- Stop everything. This. I WANT TO BE THIS.

47- Skip.

48- Skip

49- My favorite part is the back. Some designers neglect the back, but to see it fully adorned in such a gorgeous design, I was freaking out. I think this dress is crazy beautiful. it even has a train. *sniffles* I love trains.

50- I like the suggestion of wings for the back of this dress. And okay, personal note, I have always been insecure about my sides not being perfectly round in one smooth line. To see a model with that makes me feel super comfortable about my body now. Back to the dress. I like everything about this dress.

Take Away- I’m going to try and tame my mane into a similar style. It’s so regal and yes. I like this show, it told a story and gave me ideas to try new things. But never drawstring waist. 

I’m sure posts like these will change drastically in the future. I love clothes…but I’m not sure how to translate that into something exceptionally useful. While we wait for that to happen, what did you like, what do you want for yourself. For more questionable takes on runway fashion, follow me on Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr,Instagram, and don’t forget to follow this blog by Joining the Exploration Party. 

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