July Lies Playlist

Tracks I’m getting down to. Clicking the link will take you to the YouTube video, There is a Spotify playlist if you would like to have the songs in one easy place. We call it July Lies Publicly


July Lies Publicly

W.D.Y.W.F.M?- The Neighbourhood

For late nights between 3AM and 3:15AM, when you find yourself being just a little bitter and need something to encapsulate that feeling and then be done with that feeling. 

The Princess- Parov Stelar

When you forget words entirely and get lost in some freestyle long notes. Maybe a little two step boogie while waiting for the coffee. 

I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now- Lupe Fiasco

When you’ve had it with these basics, riding your jock for trying something new, and deviating from their expectations. Every motion done to this song should have that attitude “I. AM. DONE.”

All About That Bass- Meghan Trainor

Ugh, sometimes even if you’re not looking all hot and fabulous, you need take a moment to feel yourself. (Feel yourself: feeling fine, fabulous as if there were never any question)

Dollhouse- Melaine Martinez

I love songs like this. Especially when the dollhouse theme actually means something in the song. 

Seven Devils- Florence and the Machine

2AM, you find yourself returning for the night’s escapades not quite ready to turn in. Make yourself a snack with the hip checking, poised grace of the wicked angel. 

Suzy- Caravan Palace

About to take over the town? Good. Bump up the bass and get lost in the energy. 

ta fete- Stromae

This song is my weakness. I feel it resonates with another, grander video I want to make. It is everything I wanted it to be. And Stromae is so fine.

Me Meuro- Utada

When being singe and/or heartbroken starts to get to you, and then you remember you are complete within yourself and deserve only the best company.

Song for the Sinners- Chantal Claret (No video to link to)

Let’s let some inhibitions go tonight, shall we? Within reason of course, but time to step out completely and ditch the wall flower look. 

Tea Party- Kerli

This was my favorite song for the longest time. It’s a little naughty, and definitely belongs on my Wonderland soundtrack. 

Shame on Me- Avicii (Avicii Remix)

You know what this song is for. 

Snuff Out the Light- Eartha Kitt

Is this or is this not every goth’s anthem right now?

Damn Your Eyes- Alex Clare

My feelings when I met Pumpkin. 

Black Coffee- Ella Fitzgerald

Slow morning, and god how good is coffee? *deamy sigh*

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