Meet LuciferFallen

An angelic looking, gothic darling from Scotland, who’s fiercely working on her music career as well as posting delightful videos on YouTube. I met Lucy about a year or so ago through YouTube Goth Community, a group specifically designed for YouTubers to meet other gothically inclined people. Since then I’ve learned she is an absolute sweetheart with a lot of talent.

1. Which came first YouTube or music? How did you get into making videos?

Music, I wanted to show people videos of me singing so I made some (really bad) videos, then over time I made better and better ones as I got better at singing. Pretty soon after I found out about the other goth youtubers like Leah and Sebastian and I wanted to be like them.

2. What are some positive experiences you’ve gotten out of making videos?

I’ve had people come up to me in the street, at festivals and last year at Comic Con. They come up to me and say they love what I’m doing. I think experiencing that as well as waking up to nice messages on my channel really makes it all worthwhile

3. Are there any plans to change up your channel? Do you have advice for people looking to start one?

I’m wanting to do better quality vocal covers and I think I just want to be able to do more videos in general. I’d say to look at who inspires you on youtube, take some elements of what you like about your shows and incorporate it, but dont forget to add a lot of yourself as well.


4. What are your musical influences? What do you hope people take from your songs?

I’m influenced by the aesthetics and stagecraft of a lot of metal and punk acts, my favourite artists that I take inspiration from right now are Rob Zombie and Wednesday 13. I hope people will find meaning in my songs and that they think they’re well written, composed and performed

5. What does your sing writing process work? Where do you want your music career to be in one year?

I take a notepad and pen everywhere with me and I find I’ll think of a cool line or hear something somewhere and write it down, then over time I’ll look over everything and see what fits together. I also devote days to thinking of concepts and recording demos and ideas. In a year I want to be in a band and have performed shows in different parts of Scotland, if I’m lucky maybe even a small tour. I’m only 19 so I still have a lot of time to get stuff like that sorted.

6. You’re based in Scotland, what is the goth scene like there?

The scene in Scotland is pretty small, I can really only talk about Glasgow and the surrounding areas but personally I only really know 3 or 4 other people. However there is a pretty big metal scene here so I can hang with people that are pretty similar. There is only one goth night at a club in Glasgow that I know of. Through modelling I know of a couple more people in places like Edinburgh and Perth that consider themselves to be goth or alt….but that’s about it.

To follow TheLuciferFallen, check her out on YouTube, Facebook, and you can buy her music on iTunes.

Thank you for Lucy being my first test with featuring artists in the community. Hopefully I can catch up with her in the future to see how far she’s come since this point and have more wonderful things to say about her.

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