While You Were Out #6?

Since the queue is building up, here are some stories from the last week or so that caught my eye.  I might actually start doing these as videos so imagine me shuffling papers and pretending to be a news anchor. 

As an avid thrift store shopper, I thoroughly enjoy seeing DIY projects with clothes that would otherwise be passed over. But I’m not in love with “The Woman Who Transforms Second Hand Clothes into Elegant Dresses“.  If you really do love this idea, allow me to point you in the direction of Coolirpa. Not only are her DIYs painless to follow, they can also easily serve as inspiration for a multitude of designs. 

Speaking of makeovers, check out this funny video of Sandra Bullock getting a new look as Chola. The end though. Mmm, you’ll like it. 

You may have heard this story, but following my own experience at the DMV, felt I had to share. Two transgender women told to remove make up and wigs for license photos and called “it” by staff at West Virginia DMV. Why does this affect me? Recently I went to the DMV to renew my license, in full goth make up and cheesey Halloween sunglasses. I didn’t know I was going to be retaking my picture, so I was nervous when I went in front of the camera waiting for them to tell me, “You know, that’s quite a bit of make up…can you remove it?” I wouldn’t have complained, but nothing was said, they took my picture and that was that. To hear about people trying to finish one (of several levels) to becoming their comfortable self and then belittled to such a point is absolutely insane. i won’t stand for this. 

As many darling gothlings tend to be in love with the Labyrinth I think you’ll enjoy this story. The baby boy from Labyrinth is all grown up, and taking the strings in his own hands now. But instead of leaving behind the place of his childhood fame, he’s taking us back down memory lane, in his own puppet story Lessons Learned. The link includes a trailer and while I’m little scared I’m too excited to see what’s in the box. 

But not all past memories are being done justice as the author of this article is calling for a boycott of the Jimi Hendrix biopic. It’s one thing to leave out the significant moments of iconic figure, it’s other to rewrite and insert moments that never happened and only hurt the memory. It seems truth is no longer good enough for marketing and sales and if you can give them explosions, lies will have to do. 

MAC introduces a tribute to the Simpsons in a sneak peek at Comic Con. Considering how well the last set of collaborations went, I have to say this one works for me. Colors work well with the theme, in both packaging and product and it is versatile for many looks. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come in fall. 

And our final noteworthy story is one of bittersweet talent. Using only fine sand over a projector, a young woman tells the tale of love and loss during wartime. I can’t imagine how she figured out how to do this, because it’s timed perfectly and translates so well even if the music is in another language. Let go of what you expect to see and enjoy this beautiful piece

Until next time, 

Z.e. D.

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