The Downside to Goth

Oh I’m going to say it. Goth is weird and goth is, at times, a little morbid, and sometimes we get the dark side of weird.

The dark side of weird being people who think it’s okay to sexualize young girls and say the most disturbing and disgusting things ever to drag its way out of a cesspool. I’ve seen goth YouTubers creating galleries of the insulting messages they get, posts going out on Tumblr on the creeps that harass them behind anonymity and let us not forget the people who “pretend” to be into the culture just to get some. Solely to get some and forcefully. There are the superficial attacks on “looking goth enough” or “pretending to be depressed for attention” and for those who are actually a part of the culture this is the fastest way to sort out the good from the bad.

This is not to say you only find such depravity lurking in the shadows of goth nightclubs. As  bad of some of the encounters have been, I would still count my non goth harassment as the worst of the worst. Manners is a thing that comes up often in tutorials on how to be goth, tutorials that creepers and pseudo goths flock to in order to get the facade down pat. (One sec, dealing with a flashback.) Just think of goth as a small population with as much variety as the non goth population. We both get roughly the same proportion of terrible people, it’s just goth credibility as the victim of horrible encounters is judged on a different scale (I will explain this specific thing later if need be).

I’ll give you, the art that comes out of spooky, macabre interests, yeah it’s different. The jokes about causing chaos, raising hell, blood red being the red of choice, dramatic personalities, fishnets and short skirts, dark lipstick, assertive attitude, oh god just swing a cat (a stuffed toy cat…) and you will hit a dozen or so reasons people find sanctuary here. But goths, true children of the night, take care of each other even if we’re strangers. There is a strong sense of community here. While we don’t talk about it often, or make a big deal out of it, it’s present in every club night, dark event, and miniature midnight mischief making* (small get togethers involving hot beverages and platform boots).

I’ll level with you, I’m just frustrated that this is something that comes up often and there isn’t much defense against it. It’s like trying to sort different shades of black in a dark room and missing that (hideous pretender) of dark grey, or oh god…charcoal black. Outside the culture they lump us all together, and I will be the first to inform them (you, whoever) yes there is in fact a hierarchy here:

The goths and the assholes.

*you may also substitute the word “goth” with “alternative” . To the assholes, they don’t give a biscuit, they just hope for common ground in weirdness to excuse questionable behavior.

There. It’s off my chest and now I can pack for my trip with one less thing nagging me. For the upside to goth follow me on Tumblr, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. (Should I get a Twitter, I don’t know). And/or if you love what you find here, Join the Exploration Party. Don’t forget to submit proposals for change in the comments below.

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