Couponing, My Latest Obsession


So, hi my name is Zakkarrii and I’m pretty sure I have a problem. I love shopping. There’s a very good chance I love shopping more than I enjoy smoking (another terrible habit, but life is full of them). We can be real here, right? I think I use shopping as a way of coping. Since social interactions are hard and it’s super easy for me to not engage with other people for extended periods of time, shopping is how I force myself to do that, even if it is brief. I’m trying to figure out other ways to do it, but distance, availability, consistency are all factors out of my control. Anyway.

Today was the first time, I actually bought “real food”. I usually eat fast food, spend a good deal of my money on books, cosmetics, gas, clothes, craft supplies, gas, and did I mention gas? Target had a wonderful little sale going on and I figured I might as well try it. (Also I live in California so this is nothing like TLC’s show, that soooo doesn’t happen here.) I got $50 worth of groceries for $25.88, and a free $10 Target gift card. Not bad, not bad. I eat lots of pasta so it wasn’t weird for me buying 10 (but still though…maybe I’ll give some of it away…) jars of pasta sauce and my family likes ice cream so that’s good. Considering I normally eat $1 burgers, it felt really good to go out and buy food.

Another positive thing: it felt so nice being productive I wanted to more productive things. I hung out with my family a little bit, which I never do. I did a full face of make up today, something I haven’t done in a while and it always throws me off the longer I go without some weird lip color. I cleaned things. I played with the cats. One more thing I can add to the list in a minute, send off my transcripts to go back to school. Today was a good day.


Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day too. Just a nice little update, seeing as I haven’t been posting as much as I said I would. That’s mostly from talking myself out of it. There are tons of drafts. Every day is an opportunity to make progress on something though, so I’ll run with that. For more random adventures in Gothland, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Youtube. If you enjoy this post and eventually  more gothically inclined ones in the future, Join the Exploration Party.


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