Only Lovers Left Alive

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Oh this movie, watch me be magical and not give spoilers.

I love this movie so much. It nestled into my veins and took me to some other place for a while, and sometimes that’s all you want a movie to do. There was actually a lot in it and I see why it is two hours long. I mean it’s the telling of their lives, brief but emotionally weighted fragments of their history, and all the madness they get to deal with. Mmm, I’ve waiting for this for such a long time. 

The acting: Oh sweet coffee and cigs, the acting. I’m just going to post my little notes here. “The actors aren’t even moving yet and the attitude radiates off them.” “Holy shit how long did he practice that?” “Why can’t all acting be like this? I forget where I am until I squeeze my hand out of excitement and feel the pen in it.” “They have the best poses.” 

The characters: A lot went into these people and I’m really happy about that. Even the background characters (I mean besides Adam and Eve), had brief moments, but they made every moment into a  solid moment where they became significant and not just filler. And the vampire things about them are so subtle and…perfect. I prefer my vampires like this, how they were portrayed here. And I did take notes on the sass. I love me some intellectual sassiness. So hot. 

(had to take a brief break because…reasons)

Everything else: There’s a lot of mirroring between major characters, but it isn’t really clear why. The decor was detailed. It didn’t look staged, it looked lived in and truly theirs. So you’re watching a story unfold as opposed to being very aware that it’s a set and these are actors. I feel like it’s aware of itself and its audience. (If that makes sense, I haven’t eaten all day…) There are also moments that remind me of Lost Souls by Poppy Z. Brite, and one moment in particular that reminded me of Interview with a Vampire. Not like “oooh this is just like this thing” similar, but that there is a possibility that people involved were aware of those things. I was also making a list of things I want to make from this movie, because this film is a part of me now. I kind of wish I could understand how much this would have affected me as a teenager. I have the strangest feeling I would’ve tried to imitate it in every way, particularly Eve’s excellent reactions to things and that coat, and Adam’s hobbies. (Which reminds me….I need to buy the soundtrack like yesterday). 

Overall this movie reminded of that powerful attraction I had to goth as a teenager, that thing I was craving that I still don’t know the name of. I chased it down in 90s vampire novels, and oh how I miss that flavor they had. This movie captures that nicely. I think the rest of my notes contain spoilers so we’ll skip that. Go watch it, I’m off to buy everything and anything related to it. I hope this has a nice effect on our community here. 

If you watched why did you like it? Or if you hated I especially want you to comment. For more wonderful gothically inclined things follow me on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, and don’t forget to follow this blog by clicking Join the Exploration Party. 

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